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The modernization programmes of customs authorities around the world have the objective of improving the effectiveness of all systems operated by customs to fulfill its role in the collection of revenues. Transit is a very important customs procedure for Customs Administrations in countries that provide port services for land-locked countries. Assessing whether the actual goods that have been released for customs transit have in effect reached their proper destination, i.e. Administering large numbers of transactions (largely paper based) in an audit context. Customs transit is a very important procedure for all customs authorities, both domestically and regionally. The implementation of an effective system for the management of transit goods will not only address an area where significant revenue losses are suspected to occur – it can also serve as benchmark for future systems to be applied to control the movement of all goods, facilitating the process for the implementation of One Stop Border Posts and Green Customs Lanes. A variety of technologies are currently available to help address the problems as outlined above. The management of transit goods under suspense regarding the payment of customs and duties has been identified by many customs authorities as a problem area that requires the support of improved systems. Therefore a transit system enabled by e-seals can be a cost effective and suitable solution for use within the cross-border operational environment. Apart from customs authorities it is believed that a wider spectrum of stakeholders will benefit from the visibility and security features of the system as discussed; such stakeholders include the roads authorities, police services as well as cargo owners, freight forwarders and shipping lines.
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A common theme of such programmes is the movement away from paper based systems towards electronic systems; in the case of Customs functions this should eventually support long term objectives like One Stop Border Posts and Green Lanes. These administrations are required to provide a transit solution for neighboring countries, and in practice the administration of these procedures create problems that are shared by customs organizations all over the world. The regional context is especially relevant in the African context, as most sea ports serve as ports of entry and exit for landlocked countries. Careful consideration should however be applied before a decision is taken regarding the optimal choice of technologies to be deployed.
It will offer tracking over distances of around 100m between transponder and reader, although this can vary substantially depending on the physical surroundings. As for active RFID, it provides spotting rather than continuous tracking information, with the read range between transponder and reader limited to a distance of about 3 – 10 m, depending on the type of reader and its orientation with respect to the transponder. The outcomes that can be achieved from the implementation of such a system include real time verification of the current acquittal status of transit goods, 100% accuracy in the eventual acquittal of such goods, and the generation of evidence to assist prosecution in the case of transgressions. Additionally, a passive RFID system is easy to implement, simple to run, and offers a cost effective approach relative to the technology alternatives, both in terms of capital expenditure required to be installed at key ports of entry, and subsequently exceptionally low variable costs of application (per seal or tag). In the shorter term the management of transit goods represents a specific problem area to be targeted for improvement.
The best option to be deployed will depend not only on technical functionality, but more importantly on suitability for the specific need as well as total cost of deployment and operation.

For the application of this technology to freight tracking, the solution will consist of a satellite tracking unit fixed to each item to be tracked (e.g. As in the case of active RFID, all tagged items will be equipped with a transponder, while readers will be installed at position where items must be detected, typically at a customs gate. In this section an overview is provided of the most prominent candidate technologies that should be considered as part of an overall solution.
The number of readers per site will depend on the size of the area to be covered as well as on the nature of obstructions that are present (e.g.
Active RFID tags are battery powered and can also accommodate additional sensing devices (e.g. This information will only become known when the transponder is read for the first time subsequent to such an event. Transponders can be read manually using handheld readers or automatically using lane readers – it is therefore possible to accommodate either manually controlled or fully automated detection of the status of consignments.

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