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If you’re relocating overseas, one of the main things you’ll need is for your personal belongings and house contents to be shipped safely and reliably to your new home.
International container shipping starts from ?1,250 GBP up to ?15,000 GBP depending on a number of factors, primarily the volume of your goods + distance you need to move them.
This guide to international container shipping costs in 2016 will explain how shipping fees are calculated and provide indicative costs for shipping your belongings to selected destinations worldwide in order to help you budget for this aspect of moving abroad. Where larger volumes of items are to be transported, the cost will normally be based on the ‘exclusive use’ of a container, i.e. Where smaller volumes of items are to be shipped that may only partially fill a freight container, it may be more cost-effective to consider ‘groupage’ or ‘shared’ shipping.
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The cubic volume of goods to be transported and the distance from the originating port to the destination port. Sea freight containers are generally available in two sizes--a 20-foot container or a 40-foot container. International container shipping costs will almost certainly only account for a percentage of your total removal fee, as there are a number of additional factors which may affect the overall cost. In theory, the international container shipping cost covers the transportation of the freight container from the ‘home’ port to the destination ‘port’. You may also need to pay extra for insurance fees and any additional charges levied at the destination, such as customs inspection fees, import duty, or costs resulting from unconventional delivery requirements such as restricted access to a property, delivery to a high-rise apartment, etc. The costs given below are approximate and represent a full door-to-door service which includes the secure packing and loading of goods into a 20-foot freight container, transportation to the ship, collection at the destination port, delivery to the overseas address, unloading and unpacking. The cost of insuring goods for international container shipping has not been included in these estimates. Whilst transporting smaller cargos by air freight is quicker, international container shipping is less expensive and is the only realistic option for moving large volumes of domestic possessions overseas. When you do your research on the best international removal company that can take care of shipping your possessions, make sure that any quotation you’re given is fully itemised so that you can see exactly what service is provided for the fee you’re quoted.

If you can spare the additional time and do not have a full container load to ship overseas, a ‘groupage’ deal can significantly lower international container shipping costs.
Finally, don’t be afraid to ‘haggle’ if you feel that there may be scope for price negotiation with an international container shipping provider,as the competition in this field often makes it a buyer’s market. According to the home improvement site Fixr, the average cost of building an in-ground swimming pool is $21,919.
A shipping container was the perfect material for a swimming pool designed to be portable, specifically for events.
Unlike the previous swimming pools, this shipping container pool in Container City, London is designed to look like an in-ground pool. A public swimming pool in Berlin is actually a submerged shipping container, thus its name Badeschiff which means “bathing ship”.
Located in the Hamptons, you would never guess this cozy little home was made out of shipping containers. Outside Europe, the most reliable and cost-effective means of shipping larger volumes of household effects is by sea in freight containers. This is why it’s very important to plan your move well in advance so you can allow sufficient time for shipping. This is where a number of separate, smaller consignments for shipping to the same destination are consolidated into a single freight container. A 20-foot freight container will typically hold the contents of an average three-bedroom family home.
However, most people opt a ‘door-to-door’ service, whereby the removal company collects your possessions from your home, loads them into a container, transports the container to the freight ship and then delivers them from the container at the destination dock to your new home overseas.
That seems like a huge price to pay whether you’re trying to add a way of cooling off to your home or as a business. This cost effective method produced a 20 foot x 8 foot pool, providing plenty of space for relaxation and even exercise.
The featured swimming pool was constructed out of a modified shipping container, with glass panels and wood trimmings.

It invites locals to take a dip without giving away its secret of actually being a shipping container.
Since the River Spree in Berlin is too polluted, this design gives locals the feeling of bathing in the river without any of the harmful effects of the contaminated water. Shipping containers are the perfect material for Surfstream equipment thanks to their hard wearing and secure nature.
The Beach Box is made up of six recycled shipping containers that were transformed into a beach get-away spot.
Whilst this may reduce the overall container shipping cost of your items, it will almost certainly increase the time for delivery as the container will not be shipped before enough consignments have been acquired to fill it. If you’re shipping one or two vehicles with the contents of your house, you will definitely need a 40-foot container.
Surrounded and lined with wood, the shipping container was transformed into what looks like a typical backyard swimming pool built into a patio. This style complemented the modern yet industrial feel of the show, and guests were loving it! Not only are shipping containers perfect for the job, with their unbeatably durable nature, shipping container modifications make it an easy task to bring just about any creative idea to life .
There are three peepholes on each side, while the rest of the container is lined with a 1.5mm reinforced swimming pool liner. Not to mention that the money you save by using a shipping container can be put to a creative design that is just right for your project.

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