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What’s involved in buying, designing and building cargo container homes that are more than just art projects?
Depending on what the plans are for the project’s final use, designing cargo container homes is relatively uncomplicated. In this modular building block, windows, doors and utility access points must be cut with arc welding equipment – a job best left to professionals as mistakes are not easily reversed. Municipal authorities and commercial construction firms have built group homes, community centers, industrial parks and office complexes using low-cost or surplus cargo containers that provide an affordable way to create practical living and working spaces. Utilizing surplus cargo containers in home, community and commercial construction projects is a common sense solution that solves a number of problems for suppliers, builders and homebuyers. Steel shipping containers are the temporary homes of countless consumer items being transported all around the world. People have evolved a great deal over the past 50 years and the trend of exponential change is continuing.
Cargo container homes are a perfect example of thinking outside the box while living inside one, but thinking is one thing and doing is another.
The modular format necessitated by the shape of the containers tends to limit freedom of expression but also lends itself to practical, form-follows-function formats.

If not, companies such as Sea Box will install ready-to-go lighting and electrical systems with cargo containers ordered from them. The result may look outwardly like an average house trailer but is much stronger structurally. Cargo container home and offices are, in essence, eco-friendly alternatives that are sure to see more widespread application as time goes by and precious resources become ever more scarce.
Some people buy large houses made of concrete, steel and glass to reinforce their social positions and others choose something different.
Old cargo containers now serve as a part of a home or even the entire home for some people.While shipping container homes are certainly an option, no one should rush into a decision.
Because of the container’s shape and nature, there isn’t a a wide range of possibilities for decorating. The interior features wood paneling on the walls, which provides a feeling of warmth and comfort.View in gallery View in galleryView in galleryBold combinations of colors and materials make this structure a fine place to hang out and enjoy the surrounding landscape.
New Jersey architect Adam Kalkin designed and built his own house from recycled shipping containers. You could say that this is a “house in a house,” because inside the massive building are smaller individual components that look like rooms in a traditional house.

It’s not a traditional house for sure, but what is it?  It has bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and a kitchen so it fulfills our modern needs, but what about aesthetics?
This maritime shipping container home was born from the idea of using industrial elements that can be easily assembled in a very short period of time. To deal with the special limitations imposed by the predetermined size of the containers, they stacked the containers on top of one another. The cold metal industrial style has been dramatically softenedwith bright, vivid colors and modern furniture. Wonderful design and a great living space!Shipping Container Conversion by building Lab Inc.View in galleryDesigner Stephen Schouptook advantage of shipping containers when it came time to build a space for his expanding company.
Environmental and sustainability concerns convinced him to opt for an unusual way to create the additional work area.

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