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Explore the savings and stylish finds available from one of the UK's leading ready-made and custom providers of curtains and blinds. Irwin Weiner ASID - I'm always fascinated with the home design and building process, and a group in northern France called House-Up has got the formula right. Targeting the vacation and second home market in France, House-Up has a good thing going, and click here to read about other Shipping Container Homes or click on the top house photo (which isn't a House-Up project, but it also utilizes shipping containers).
Moving goods in a shipping container to New Zealand does not have to be difficult or stressful. When embarking on the task of comparative overseas shipping, there shipping calculators that can be used to come up with an estimate.
Regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial shipping container to New Zealand, the cost of taxes should always be taken into account.
When deciding on which company to use to get a shipping container to New Zealand realize that there is a way to manage some of the overall shipping container cost. Building houses with shipping containers is a fairly new concept, but is gaining traction due to low cost and durability. Container homes are not simply containers that have been placed on the ground and people move in. One such example of what can be done with a container home was built for an art collector and his family in the Andes hills outside of Santiago, Chile. This mass of containers, concrete, and steel turned out quite magnificent with two storeys, plenty of lighting, and great views over the valley below.
The grey container house was constructed by Ross Stevens, an Industrial Design lecturer at Victoria University in Wellington.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I am a Wellingtonian who cares about the environment and absolutely love the concept of container homes.
My home has been severely damaged in the Christchurch earthquake and I am thinking of having a home built from shipping containers,do you build them or know how I can contact someone who can? I understand that Wellington housing stock suffered no damage of any significance from the Christchurch quake, so I would expect the house to be undamaged, and I would expect the nearby traditional houses to also be undamaged.

I love the idea but yes I think it could do with a bit of a something on the outside it does look a bit boring. Make sure the stain and material of your headboard, dresser, and side tables are compatible. They use recycled shipping containers as their primary building source, and their custom-built homes are greener and more modern looking than most new construction on the market - at an average of 20% less cost, with construction completed in 3 or 4 months. The equation starts with a shipping container to New Zealand, which would be the obvious destination. Certain items will come with a tax cost, depending on where they are going and how much of an item is being shipping. The basic options for a shipping container to New Zealand are generally either 20 foot containers or 40 foot containers. In some cases container homes can cost as much as seventy-five percent less than tradition homes. When inside container homes, they look like they’ve been taken out of any normal cookie-cutter catalogue (albeit a slightly smaller interior). The Caterpillar House, designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval, comprises of five 40ft containers, six 20ft containers, and an additional 40ft container for the swimming pool. The architect achieved this successfully using low cost, low maintenance materials which will keep this home looking amazing for years to come. Building with Shipping Containers has a special history all its own.
We’ve covered several ways that architects have up-cycled the durable containers into industrial-chic living spaces, and this incredible home in Wellington, New Zealand, is the latest container redux to catch our eye. They’re essentially durable, ready-made rooms that, with the right set of retrofits, can be repurposed into modular living spaces.
It takes advantage of the shipping container’s intrinsic stacking ability to build where other construction methods would have been costly, if not altogether impossible. Can I get more info on how I could construct a similar home for myself and if I can see the house.
A DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) REFERENCE AND FOR CONVERTING RECYCLED INTERMODAL CARGO SHIPPING CONTAINERS INTO BUILDINGS AND ARCHITECTURE. Our featured video today shows the House-Up design project, from shipping containers to interior design.
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Land and air are always options but less expensive option and more secure method of transport, nationally or internationally, can be overseas shipping. The additional information that is needed is what port the shipment is departing from, the size of the container needed, the type and weight or volume of the products being shipped and the method of loading and unloaded that will be utilized.

A residential customer wants to be careful that their shipment does not result in qualifying for commercial rates.
However, the trade off is that the shipping company is more experienced in transport, packing and the actual shipping.
Composed of three slate grey containers stacked up like blocks beside a hilltop, it strikes the perfect balance between ruggedly engineered construction and clean modern form. Built to weather the test of time and strains of shipping, they also possess a standardized modular structure that gives them great potential for vertically inclined projects.
The house is composed of mostly reclaimed materials, and it has a wonderful way of merging its industrial interior with the immediate environment through balconies and terraces. Design2Share LLC makes no representation as to the accuracy, truth, reliability, quality, or suitability of any work contained herein and your use of this website is explicit agreement that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
Determining the overall cost of a shipping container to New Zealand will require the consumer to develop an accurate idea of the weight or volume that is being shipped. When ordering a shipping container to New Zealand, it is mindful to be certain that the current regulations between residential and commercial factors are clear.
Whether is it is commercial or household goods, all of the packing, loading and unloading can be done by the shipping company or they can simply just place the shipping container to New Zealand on the ship, transport it and unload it at the required destination. A Shipping container to New Zealand can be loaded, transported, and unloaded at the proper destination in a reasonable period of time provided that the consumer is aware of what the company needs from them to schedule a prompt shipment.
The final determination on how the company will ultimately handle the shipped goods will depend in part on company policy and personal liability. When selecting a company the things to consider are reputation, licensing and overall cost. Be careful of extremely low estimates, as it is generally well known that if the estimate is too good to be true it usually is.
It may be more cost-effective to leave certain appliances and re-purchasing them if moving to New Zealand. All of the reputable estimates regarding a shipping container to New Zealand are likely to be within the same general ballpark.

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