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When you consider all of the benefits or disadvantages of an asphalt shingle roof compared to a permanent metal roofing system, we hope that you agree that permanence and durability outweigh the lower costs of a traditional roof.  Find out what satisfied customers with our metal roofs have to say. The quality of your roof means protecting your home or structure; with a more permanent, secure, essentially hassle-free and leak-free roof, the benefits are noteworthy. This entry was posted in Cost Efficient, Metal Roofing and tagged Metal Roofing, Metal Roofing vs. But, did you know that with a metal roof, you could easily prevent the heavy accumulation of snow and ice on the roof, thanks to the specially-coated metal surface designed to easily shed any excessive snow, as well as help prevent any potential ice-dam-related damage that is typically associated with the good ol’ asphalt and composition shingle roofs. You can estimate the cost to install a new metal roof including materials and labor with the help of our free calculator. A metal roof offers better ROI (in terms of home appreciation and maintaining a very high recouped value of your initial investment) than any other remodeling upgrade.
The downside of galvanized steel is that it can corrode, eventually, especially when exposed to a moist, salt-spray environment such as very near the coastal lines and salty marine environments. Steel is the most frequently used material in both residential and commercial applications, mainly due to its lower cost. Aluminum is also one of the best metals to use for roofs located in the coastal areas, where there is a heavy presence of salt spray in the environment.
A typical cost for a steel standing seam roof starts around $300 per roof square for a typical order.
Aluminum is a step up from steel in quality and therefore in price, costing around $100 more per square than Galvanized steel, for both standing seam and metal shingles. Steel roofs need to be coated with a special protective (galvanic or galvalume) coating to prevent corrosion. High-end aluminum and steel roofing systems like standing seam and metal shingles will usually have a high-quality paint finish such as Kynar 500 applied, while lower-end corrugated steel roofs are usually finished with Acrylic paint.
Metal roofs should only be installed by specialists with expertise and ample experience in installing metal roofing, because if the installation is done incorrectly, then your metal roof will likely leak, which may later end-up costing thousands of dollars to repair or replace.
The cost of installation for metal shingles is about 20% cheaper than the cost of installing standing seam, because metal shingles are easier and faster to install. Most metal roofing systems should be installed on homes or buildings that have a minimum slope of 3:12 or greater. Ideally, standing seam should not be installed over asphalt shingles due to telegraphing of the shingles underneath the standing seam panels. Further, when snow piles up on a standing seam roof that was installed over an asphalt roof, the shingles will likely make horizontal dents in the metal panels. Standing seam roofs can be manufactured either on-site or in the factory, which simplifies installation. Metal roofing installation is more expensive compared to other roofing systems, because it requires specialized training, knowledge, tools and equipment that general roofing contractors typically lack.
Many modern styles of metal shingles are manufactured to imitate the look of slate, clay tile, cedar shake, and in some cases even the traditional look of asphalt shingles.

Modern metal roofs come in well over 100 colors, which include standard, premium and customized colors. Often, homeowners are not even aware of the existence of metal shingles, and mistakenly believe that standing seam is the only option for a metal roof.
In terms of performance, there is no difference between standing seam and metal shingles roofs. Metal roofs such as aluminum or steel shingles can last for 50 years and often longer, while copper and zinc roofs can often last well over 100 years. Most manufacturers will provide a 30-50 year warranty, while a metal roofing contractor should offer you his own installation warranty.
Metal roofs are considered to be ice and snow-shedding systems, which means that you will never have to worry about roof leaks due to snow and ice build-up.
Metal is a non-combustible material, and so a metal roof will never catch on fire like cedar and some asphalt roofs.
FEMA recommends metal roofs in areas that are prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.
Metal roofs will not rot, split, crack, dry-out, chip, warp, leak, unlike all other common roofing materials. Corrugated style metal roofs (with exposed fasteners) will require fastener re-tightening every 10-15 years. After years of service, you may choose to repaint a metal roof to give it a fresh look again, but it is not necessary, and will depend on your roof’s original coating. A metal roof can easily help save as much as 25% off of your annual home energy bill, and help reduce your building’s overall energy waste.
A metal roof has a cool reflective surface, which reflects solar heat back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing it inside a home or a building. Metal roofing is the only TRULY green material in the roofing industry, because it uses the least amount of resources during the manufacturing process, contains no petroleum by-products, and can always be recycled. New metal roofs may contain anywhere from 30-60% of recycled metal content, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives. Old metal roofs will never end up in our landfills at the end of their service lives, thus saving the ever-precious landfill space and helping protect the environment. A metal roof (or any metal for that matter) can be recycled an unlimited number of times without suffering material degradation. Out of all roofing materials available, metal provides the biggest return on your investment (ROI). A metal roof will be a huge selling point to potential buyers of your home, who will be happy about the prospect of not having to worry about roof-related issues.
Homes outfitted with metal roofs will typically have a 6% resale value gain over homes with asphalt shingles roofs. If a lightning does strike your home, a metal roof will safely dissipate the electric charge even if it is not grounded.

Metal Roofs act as a Faraday Cage for your house and they disperse the charge over a larger area as compared to a skimpy little wire coming down your chimney or wall.
Many insurance companies will reward you with a hefty discount in the neighborhood of 30% on your homeowners insurance if your home is protected by a qualified metal roof.
If you happen to live in an area that often experiences a heavy snow fall, with freezing temperatures, a metal roof will shed off the snow, thus helping prevent a heavy snow accumulation and ice dams on your roof. A metal roof can easily be outfitted with snow-guards to prevent the sliding of snow over door entrances and other areas where heavy snow fall is undesirable.
It does make sense though, because the metal I’ve seen is pretty slick, I just never thought about the coating that makes it slick though. It must be noted that all things being equal, Galvalume steel offers a greater degree of corrosion-resistance and hence longevity than galvanized steel. It is more durable and longer lasting than steel, but only costs a fraction of the price of premium metals, such as copper or zinc. However, due to prohibitively high cost, few people choose to install an entire roof made from copper.
Although there are certain types of standing seam metal roofing systems that can be installed on roofs with slopes of 2:12 and lower, those types of systems are usually only installed on commercial or industrial buildings.
Also, metal roofs tend to expand and contract due to temperature changes, and can thus rub against the stone coating on asphalt shingles. Metal shingles are typically manufactured at a factory, and can be shipped in standard cardboard boxes to your work-site. The number of color options for metal roofing is a lot greater than the options you get with asphalt shingles roofs (only about 15-20 standard colors).
This means that if a metal roof is properly installed, you will not have to install another roof on your home or building again. They also intercept 100% of the lightning that comes towards your house, unlike a lightning rod which only intercepts the lightning that happens to hit your rod.
The difference in sound level (measured in decibels) produced by rain drops hitting the roof surface of an asphalt shingle roof compared to metal will be largely undetectable to human ear. Should you ever decide to sell your home, you are almost guaranteed to come out a winner, especially if you have lived in your home for quite some time, while enjoying solid protection, great looks, and energy savings. Copper is typically installed as copper pans or standing seam panels costing $900-1400 per sq.

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