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When you’re looking in the middle portions of the country they begin to become a little more difficult to come by. 1) Containers don’t cost a significant amount of money for so you are not tying up a great deal of cash. 3) Once you load up your stuff you can ship your tools and equipment back to your yard or to the next site. 4) It’s your container so you can “brand” it with your logo, tag lines and phone number turning one of your tools of the trade into a small marketing bill board.
6) If renting a container you will more than likely be responsible to provide and insurance certificate specific to the container.
1) If your projects require you to travel in a large geographic area, it may cost more to ship your container to the project site than it does to rent one locally.
2) Your field crew may be the greatest bunch of people in the world but sometimes they are not always the most careful. 3) If the roof leaks, or the cam locks break than it’s some else’s responsibility to fix it.
6) Working capital will not be tied up in equipment, the rental costs can be charged directly to the job. I realize I didn’t provide a definitive answer but rather a list of items you to consider for your particular situation. Many are now considering modular construction when embarking on a new home or light commercial building project. Modular construction has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, gone are the days of modular construction being simply another name for trailers. Modular construction offers many benefits over traditional construction including an accelerated construction schedule; traditional construction requires that the foundation be installed first before the building can be built.
Those that take the modular concept one step further and decide to use shipping containers as the basis for their modular may find even greater advantages – if they are careful.
Modular container buildings use the architecture of 40 foot x 8 foot and 20 foot x 8 foot shipping containers as the basic building blocks for their project.
Shipping containers will make a great basis for a modular building project but you need to start the process understanding that you will have some tradeoffs to consider.
Most of us are very familiar with the concept of using shipping containers as the basis for houses and cabins.
The most basic transformation of containers into portable offices include taking a single unit and  installing a “person door”, some windows and finish the interior by framing and insulating the walls and ceiling, adding lights and electric duplexes (plugs) as required. Taking this concept to the next level, containers are also used as the basis for commercial modular office complexes. Like standard commercial modular buildings, shipping container based modular building foundations can be anything from a compacted stone, a concrete pad, piers, or a full perimeter basement foundation.
The entire shipping container modular building process goes something like this; the buyer and the container modification contractor work back and forth to finalize the building floor plan and desired look. Once all of the approvals are received the contractor begins construction in the plant and the installation crews provided by the contractor concurrently complete the foundation work. While all the interior work is going on the contractor will have crews building any access points like porches, stoops, are ADA ramps, install any necessary landscaping, do any touch up work.
Shipping containers for sale ultimately become a commodity as some source them based on cost first and condition second.
If your intent is to simply purchase a container in “as is” condition, typically the cheapest price point, and use it to store roofing materials, landscape ornaments or something else that you are not concerned about getting wet due to a roof leak in the upcoming months then by all means buy the cheapest unit. The next condition level and or price point of shipping containers is” wind and weather tight,” containers at this price point are generally good for storage purposes and storage container rental fleets. These condition descriptions circle us right back to the customer service you should expect from the people or organization you are buying your container from. When searching out shipping containers for sale, typically the desired end result is to modify the container into something other than a shipping container. There are several ways to undertake the process to modify a shipping container into a temporary office or mobile office. Once shipping containers are done carrying cargo overseas they are sold and put to use serving many new functions. When homes and buildings are constructed by traditional means they are required to meet some engineered design criteria so that the building will perform safely for any extreme environmental conditions that normally occur in the geographic area that the building is placed.
A standard shipping container is not specifically designed to meet the occupied building design criteria for wind loads and snow loads but rather they are designed to meet the load of being stacked three to ten fully loaded units high provided the load is transferred down through the corner posts and to carry a tare of up to 70,000 lbs. Shipping containers have generally lived an active life by the time they are retired from overseas service work. Shipping container roofing is simply corrugated sheet metal with a slight side to side pitch to drain water.
In addition to storage containers, I have spent 20 years selling and leasing mobile offices.
If you find a large tear or other kind of opening in your roofing material during your inspection then you will need to repair that with patches or do a complete tear off and replace the roof, but if you just have a deteriorating roof condition then look into Kool Seal reflective roof coatings. Most shipping container modification plans will involve adding windows, doors, vents or even opening up a side wall. To get started use a sharpie type marker to clearly mark your opening on the container steel.
Those that cut this type of steel on a more regular basis will have a torch available, or the ultimate field cutting tool, a plasma cutter in the tool arsenal. While it is heavy duty work, cutting openings in shipping containers is not hard and can be done with any number of tools, just do it – carefully and the easiest method will come to you.
In previous articles we’ve looked at factors that impact the rental rates you may pay for a storage container, and then we looked at taxes and fees that may occur in addition to the rental rates quoted. As we discussed earlier rents are typically due in advance, be aware of the grace periods, they can be anywhere from five to thirty days.
In addition to defaulting for nonpayment, some leases may put you in default for early termination of your lease. Remember, virtually all of these storage container rental contacts contain indemnification clauses, these are typically very “wordy” sections that basically say you are going to protect the lessor against all actions involving this unit. A final point that I would like to make sure you are aware of is that typically the lessee (you), is responsible to provide insurance for the contents of the container.
There are as many different storage container rental contracts as there are storage container rental companies. The wood floors constructed into shipping containers have become a hotly contested issue over the past several years. A larger issue for consideration is the chemicals impregnated into the container floors during manufacture. Studies were done on these floors and they determined that insecticides can be transferred on to the products sitting on the container floors.
If the data plate is still on the container, it will indicate the types of chemicals the floor was originally treated with.
Shipping containers have proven to be a versatile and durable product finding their way into many new applications. If you have had little success looking at the local intermodals you may want to try some less obvious spots like Craigslist and Ebay. Performing an InspectionAlthough not always possible, it’s a good idea to look at any containers that you’re going to buy. How to deploy crews to maximize your returns, what will your crews do today now that the material you were promised did not get delivered, how are you going to get the invoices out and the certified payroll in, and tomorrow it starts all over again? You will need to clean it out and broom sweep it prior to returning it or have it power washed if it has a great deal of dirt or mud splashed on it.
After a while your high dollar container “branding” may get a little tattered looking, your customer may not appreciate a beat up piece of equipment on the job site. Which one you choose is entirely up to you and maybe a combination of both renting some of your site storage containers and buying storage containers for other projects will best fit your particular situation.
Today when a modular construction project is completed most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a modular building and a “stick built” building. Using modular construction, you would be building the building in the plant at the same time the foundation is being installed in the field; once the building modules are delivered the main structure is completed in a matter of days versus weeks in traditional construction. While standard modular building modules can be constructed to almost any desired dimensions and the modules attached to one another for a complete structure of any dimensions, container modular buildings are somewhat limited to 20 foot and 8 foot increments. The local building officials should be consulted early in the design portion of your project and involved throughout the process. Shipping containers have an exterior dimension of 8 feet and high cube containers are 9 foot 6 inches high. You and your design professional will need to understand the building codes and have discussions with any building authority who will be inspecting and approving the final product. Containers are strong, durable and easily modified; their dimensions are held to strict tolerances so they make great building blocks, by their very nature containers make perfect components for modular construction.

The ceiling is covered with a ceiling tile or pre textured gypsum, the walls are covered with vinyl covered gypsum and the floor is covered in commercial grade tile. Using multiple boxes, the 40 foot by 8 foot or 20 foot by 8 foot architecture allows the designer almost limitless configurations. The choices here will be driven by many things including but not limited to; how temporary or permanent the application is, the load bearing capacity of the soil under the building, the use of the building and most importantly the local building officials determinations. Once a final contract has been agreed to the contractor will complete the engineering and design work then submit the design documents to the required building authorities for review and approval. The building modules are then delivered to the site and set on the foundation with the appropriate equipment like a crane or a fork truck. Finally the big moving day has arrived, much sooner and for less money than with traditional site built construction, and a little more environmentally friendly too! However, once a relationship is established between the seller and a buyer then customer service will begin to play a more important factor in the relationship. If you are using your containers for a higher purpose like becoming part of a container house or modular building you may still be in luck.
A cargo worthy unit has possibly made several trips overseas but other than a few scratches and possibly a dent but otherwise is clean and in a condition to ship goods. These condition codes can become subjective, especially when it comes to “as is,” versus “wind and weather tight.” If you only buy containers once or occasionally then speak to several sellers, tell them what you need the containers for and see what they would recommend. Two of the most common post shipping uses for containers is to transform them into a storage unit or a container house. These kits include all the windows, doors, HVAC, electrical, flooring, wall, and ceiling panels needed to transform your container into a small portable office. Some become storage containers; some are outfitted with phone and server equipment to restore communications in the event of natural disasters or in remote locations and still others are modified to become mobile offices, small businesses, or homes and cabins. Due to the various weather conditions the country experiences the required design criteria changes from region to region and in some areas county by county. Once the container is modified like the side wall cut open to allow a container to mate up to another container to create a large open space, then the roof snow load can no longer be transferred down through walls and onto the foundation.  A properly sized “header” or support member must be installed on the unit and this piece must be sized based on the load conditions for the area in which the container building will be placed. You’ll need an engineer experienced in this type of design, we can provide a reference for someone who is very knowledgeable in this area please contact us and we will put you in touch with a qualified engineer who we have worked with for many years who may be able to help you.
Many shipping containers are retired after a single ocean crossing but others may end up traveling the high seas three to five times before reaching their golden years.
The steel is a special formulation called Cor-Ten Steel which protects itself by forming a rust layer and then the deterioration stops. Newer mobile offices are commonly constructed with a commercial rubber roof system but many of the older ones are constructed with a galvanized steel roof.
The Kool Seal Elastometric roof coating product forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection that protects against moisture and expands and contracts with your roof.
Cutting Cor-Ten steel while not as simple as cutting wood can be accomplished with a variety of different tools that you may have available in the common handy man’s garage.
No matter what tool you use, the cut steel will have very sharp edges; wear a pair of heavy leather gloves like those used for welding. If cutting an opening on shipping container is not or will not become a common practice for you then you can use a saws-all or reciprocating saw with a heavy steel blade. These will be much quicker and easier than saws and much less messing around when turning corners. The last article discussed lease agreement language that, if you are not aware may impact your storage container budget. If you have any questions or need any advice on any of these matters than consult your attorney.
One the grace period has expired you are in default and once in default the lessor (them) has any number of remedies available from the lessee (you). The length of time you choose to rent a container is called the “rental term,” monthly rental rates on rental terms of one or two months typically cost more than three to six month terms, which cost more than ten to twelve month rental terms and so on.
This means if someone gets hurt as a result of the container and sues the lessor (them), than you are responsible for the costs to defend and any court awards as a result of the lawsuit.
If the roof leaks and your goods are damaged the lessor (them), will point to the clause in the rental agreement indicating they are not responsible for damage cause by equipment failure.
By no means will every one of the points that we have discussed in the past few articles be applicable to all of the contracts but I hope that you are now aware of some of the language to look for and try to negotiate more favorable terms. As people find more and more creative uses for retired shipping containers they are claiming a positive environmental impact for their recycling efforts. Australia has very strict requirements for treating shipping container floors; they are treated with serious insecticides and fungicides to keep alien insects and rodents from hitching a ride into Australia. The physical pick-up of insecticide from the surface of the floor is considered to be the major source of contamination. Obviously if the flooring was damaged and changed somewhere along the line the data plate won’t help you. Containers4Sale will rent high-quality ground-level storage containers that that provide you with an instant storage solution – no expensive warehouse or offsite storage needed!
This may present a problem if the container is stored at an intermodal or container yard as they tend to be very busy places. If you have any further questions or would like help sourcing equipment please feel free to contact me. It is their job to k now that you are constructing a safe building that meets all applicable building codes. Once you calculate the required roof insulation package based on the local codes and a suitable covering you may lose up to 12 inches in your ceiling height bringing the finished ceiling height down to 7 feet above the finished floor. Please contact us if you need some help find with potential code issues or locating a qualified design professional. This flex ability has also found its way into the commercial world as more and more converted shipping containers are used on construction sites as portable offices, at events as temporary field offices or seasonal retail shops like bicycle rentals at the beach.
Some electric base board heat and air conditioning units are installed and the container doors are sealed and welded closed.
Set three 40’ containers side by side and you’ll have a nice 24’ x 40’, 960 square foot modular building that can be modified in a plant, delivered and set up in a matter of days.
A note about local and State building officials, it is important to involve them in the process from the beginning, don’t just show up at their office with a full set of drawings and engineering for a container building and expect them to approve it. The modules are leveled with shims and bolted together, now the roof seams and side walls or “mate lines” are finished so the interior is dried in.
By this I mean that a buyer may spend a little more for a shipping container because confidence has been established that the seller will not send the buyer a lower quality unit than is represented. If much of the container skin will be cut away or the plans call for a site built roof where the containers roof will not be expected to function then you still may be able to save some money and find a structurally sound shipping container in “as is” condition. If you stay on top of the maintenance they will last a good long time for a purpose other than habitation. A single crossing unit is considered new in the United States; it was constructed overseas and made a single ocean crossing before being sold.
Like most purchases, you can get a feeling about a person by asking questions then listen and watch how they answer them. For commercial applications where a temporary or portable office is needed, like on a construction site, many are turning to shipping containers as the basis to construct an office from.
This is certainly the cheapest way to accomplish the transformation but it will take some time, especially if it’s your first time you’ll be approaching it from the trial and error method – not the best use of your time. The wall and ceiling panels are pre constructed in four foot long sections and come complete with insulation, finished wall paneling, electrical wiring and devises, and cut outs for windows and doors.
These kits make a fast and very useable portable field office but I would caution against using them for a residential application as the fit and finish may not be suitable for a home. For instance, buildings constructed in the southern portions Florida are required to withstand winds of 120mph – 150mph while buildings in the northern part of the country have a wind speed design criteria of 90 mph. These types of modification considerations are equally important in the south west where buildings are designed to earthquake criteria. It’s at this point they are purchased and begin a new career in the storage business, or they are modified into a home or small business or else they get buried and become a storm shelter. If water puddles in a particular spot the roofing will continue to deteriorate and you may encounter small pin holes in the container roof.
The galvanizing was only a coating and not hot dipped so it would wear out over time and like containers we would experience small pin holes in the roofing system.
Save yourself some aggravation here, don’t buy cheap blades, they’re cheap for a reason, this is heavy duty work and you need a heavy duty blade that will last and not break. Lift the back of the skill saw up enough so the blade leaves the container surface and start the saw blade turning, slowly ease the saw blade down onto your mark until the blade cuts through the metal then, continue cutting following your line. You can rent these at most equipment rental places but practice on some scrap metal before you begin cutting on your container. In this article we will continue to review common rental contract language which, if enforced to the letter may cost you a lot of additional money if you are not aware of them.

If you choose to rent a container for six months and decide to return it after four months, the rental agreement may do anything from placing you in default for the last two months to charging you a minimal early out fee and release you from the balance of the contract. I have typically tried to negotiate these indemnification sections so that each party mutually indemnifies the other. Make sure you regularly inspect the contents of your storage container and make sure your contents are not being damaged by rain, rodents or something else.
Remember, the lessor is typically more interested in renting a container than they are in getting bogged down in contract language. On the other side of the equation, many container floors are manufactured using tropical hardwood trees. Wood preservatives containing a number of organochlorine insecticides, including aldrin, dieldrin, chlordane and lindane, that have been approved in Australia for treating timber used as structural components in cargo containers. The highest insecticide residue levels were found in flour samples which were stored on newly treated laminated sawn timber. Nor will you ever learn what was shipped in and or spilled on your container floor during its high seas career. With experienced drivers and affordable rental rates on our 20’ and 40’ storage containers, Containers4Sale can conveniently deliver your portable storage equipment and rented containers whenever and wherever you need it!
This may or may not be accepted by the local building official, if not you will need to purchase the more expensive “high cube” shipping containers in order to satisfy the energy code.
Container buildings are not a common project for the building department, you and the contractor need to educate them and get them comfortable with the process.
The problem for sellers is that many buyers of storage containers only buy one to a handful of containers over the course of their lifetime making it all the more difficult for a seller who buys higher grade equipment and grades his containers more strictly to establish relationships with low volume buyers.
Inspect the corner posts and rails, if they are straight, not rusted and the unit is priced right, then make the purchase.
If you intend to use your container as a home, cabin, or small business where much of the container skin will remain then I would recommend spending the additional money and purchase a unit in cargo worthy or single crossing condition. The next method would be to purchase a container and have it modified to your specifications by a company specializing in this work.
Two professional installers can complete a 20’ container in about five hours; if you have some construction background and the proper tools two installers doing their first container modification should be able to complete the project within eight hours. Conversely, building in the northern portions of the country must be designed to withstand 70 lbs. Cutting an opening in the side of a shipping container may impact the containers ability to not collapse in the event it is shook back and forth in an earthquake. One item that is critical for a shipping container to continue to perform in any of these areas is the condition of the roof.
A simple Google search will provide you with many repairs for this condition that you can choose from and I would like to add another one here for your consideration. To repair this condition we experienced a great deal of success using a product called Kool Seal . Once you have applied Kool Seal it will last for many years, I can’t think of an occasion where I have had to re-coat a container that was coated in Kool Seal. The tools are loud and the steel shipping container will amplify the noise, wear good ear protection! Drill a hole on the inside of the line of your marked opening large enough for your saw blade, put your blade in and begin cutting along your line. Ask to see a copy of the rental agreement terms and conditions when you get your quote so that you can be prepared to discuss more favorable contact language prior to placing your order.
While still a renewable resource, it takes fifty to sixty years to replace one of these trees that was cut down to make container floors out of.
Subsequently, manufactures treat all containers for the Australian standards, they determined it is impossible to separate the units for a single country out of the pool and risk the fines and sanctions possible if an unapproved container is caught entering Australia. Chemicals like these previously mentioned do dissipate greatly after a couple of years, so with special prepping, cleanup, and sealing using epoxy coatings the chemicals can be isolated. If a container is to be used for any type of permanent habitation, like a section of a container house for instance, the prudent course of action is to remove the original flooring, have it properly disposed of and install new flooring. Containers, they’re not just for shipping anymore! Where to find containers?Whether you’re looking for a container that is a new single crossing unit, a solid cargo worthy unit, a wind and weather tight unit or an “as is” container, they tend to be easier to find in some locations than others.
Here you can find additional information on inspecting your containerGetting a Quote Generally you will get a verbal quote and occasionally a written one. For instance, in most northern climates the International Building Code (IBC) as adopted by most states will require an R-19 insulation package in the exterior walls, this means you need 5 ? ” of fiberglass insulation plus ?” sheathing or gypsum to accomplish the R 19 R value. Meet with them early, let them know what you are trying to do and why, don’t be afraid to ask them questions, do what they ask, they have bosses too and never ever try to “get something by them,” if you get caught you will regret it.
Most of the piping and wiring was completed in the plant so all that is required is several “crossovers” be completed and the supply be hooked to a single point. This is the easiest and most sure method, and if you have the resources, the most costly method. The proper tools include standard construction tools like nail guns, screw guns, saws and hand tools, in addition you will need tools to cut openings in the container and a welder to attach windows and doors.
Electrical wiring pre-installed on each panel and the interconnections are made as each section is installed. Simply follow the manufactures application directions and you will have a long lasting and efficient roof system on your shipping container and you will seal up any small pin holes that may have formed.
Don’t panic if you wander off the line a little bit with either of these cutting methods, any error can easily be fixed.
If you exceed the rental term the rental agreement typically continues on a month to month basis, but make sure it does not renew for another full term. If they are notified and do not repair it then they may be responsible for the damage to your contents.
Experts concur, if the out-gassing of chemicals is inhibited by a barrier then there is virtually no risk. You’re looking at ten sheets of plywood in a 40’ container plus labor; if you’re going to live in or serve food out of a container then you should include these costs in your modification budget. As you would guess, they are very easy to locate along the coasts especially in the large port cities like New York, LA, Norfolk, and Seattle. Taking 6” out of an 8 foot wide room can start to become a lot of valuable real estate when you consider standard mattress sizes and the distances you need to walk around the sides of your bed.
The flooring is finished over the mate lines and any remaining field trim is installed so the building is complete and finished.
It will be clean, you will still be able to read the manufactures label and be able to determine what chemicals the container floor was treated with and whether you need to replace it or not. A simple Google search will turn up a number of companies that routinely perform this type of container modification. I know that may not always be comfortable but it sure beats hot metal shavings landing on you. For example if you choose a six month rental and end up needing your container for eight months, make sure the container lease does not renew after the initial six months for and additional six months. This is similar to lead paint hazards in the past which have been corrected in traditional houses.
They are also easy to come by in areas like Chicago, Baton Rouge and usually plentiful in industrial areas like Cleveland, Detroit, and St.
If would like some further help with this search, please contact us and we will provide some good options for you to consider. A large piece of this stuff like from a door opening can be heavy, be careful when finishing your cut to make sure a large piece of steel with sharp jagged edges does not fall toward you and injure you. You will pay the most for a single crossing unit and the least for an “as is” unit so know what kind of unit you are buying.
Remember, one person’s cargo worthy unit is another person’s wind and weather tight; understand that this is a subjective grading system. Renting If you only need the container for 18 months less than rental may be a good option for you. Shipping and ReceivingWhen the day of delivery arrives, pick out a dry and level spot that drains well.
Have your site clear of equipment and vehicles; there is nothing worse than looking for the owner of a car when the clock on the delivery truck is ticking. Make sure the driver knows how you want the container loaded, doors to cab or doors to the rear based on your site and how the delivery vehicle will access it .

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