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I've been doing the wet-shaving thing for about 5 years now, using both vintage Gilllettes and a newer Merkur double-edge razors, along with a good badger brush.
Essberger Group of Companies entered the tanker shipping business in 1924 and in 1941 purchased DAL, which has transported dry goods in African markets for years. Part of the appeal is the ritual: warming the brush and face with hot water, pumping the brush with soap to make a creamy lather and then applying all this warmth to the face. The company began offering container shipping services as well with routes to South and East Africa.

I had not tried the Parker soap, but the Parker name is well regarded by aficionados of the shave (yep, it's almost cultish). Parker Safety Razor, founded in 1973, is an Indian company, and these soaps are made there.
Easily packs in a toiletry bag and since it's solid I don't worry about TSA-related issues. The soaps are all natural, free of pesticides and not tested on animals.These two jars of soap are handsomely packaged and a good value, but they are small.

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