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By Teresa on March 19, 2013 companies featured in this post may be our clients or partners. So this past weekend I had the pleasure of being asked to attend a preview of the new The Container Store in Tampa.
Now when I first saw the laundry basket above I instantly thought of the Jetsons and wished that I could program it to take the cloths to the bedrooms and put the laundry away for me!!
Before you get to thinking that this store is only for women let me assure you that they have handy men covered too. There is no question that my absolute favorite section of The Container Store is the kitchen section.
A Huge Thank you to The Container Store for inviting me to the preview event and for the amazing swag bag!!
I have to admit, every time I walk into the Container Store, I spend hours just going thru the aisles. I actually want to get one of their bungee chairs for my desk (mine is terrible), but the store is like an hour away!

All the solutions they have for organizing your garage, utility and mudrooms is mind-blowing.
So many solutions for everyday problems that you can’t help but find something that works for you. I had my carpet replaced last week and moved nearly everything out of the house for a purge.
Apparently the bathroom in our new house does not have a toilet paper holder in the master bathroom. I especially loved the idea of organizing the CD’s on the wall in a vertical fashion (pictured in the upper left hand corner). I love that they utilize every possible space in your kitchen to make things more accessible and user-friendly. I’m not moving anything back in (except beds) before we get ORGANIZED and make it easier to stay that way. To be honest the bathroom is much smaller than our old one and there really isn’t a place that installing one would work well so this Over Tank Tissue Holder is perfect.

For my daughters closet space I would love the wood accent but for mine I would like the black or silver. Seriously if you have The Container Store near you, you have to go check it out AND if you are in the Tampa area you need to come check out this new store.
Many times when I got to a party and take a gift I use a bag or box but why not use a container that is reusable!! You won’t be disappointed and you will leave with renewed inspiration to organize everything in your house!! They have every type of luggage and carrying case you could ever need from iPads to expandable suitcases. They have ever size you could need and plenty of wonderful staff to help you pick out the perfect item.

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