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How would "everyone" know what is out of date in school?I'm not saying bubble diagrams are or are not out of date but the point is to keep things loose and allow you to quickly explore ideas and trash them. Our unique Mondrian Storage Boxes will keep your things safe while adding artful details to any room.
This would change the advice dramatically.Unless the 'big umbrella' you're following is a form-based zoning code like the Miami 21 and you're trying to design on a more urban scale.

It helps to have a list made of every single space that is required, as well as any additional interstitial space or evocative statements. Made of durable polypropylene, the colorful Mondrian design on these storage boxes is integrated into the material during the production process, so this beautiful pattern won't fade or scratch! And I need to figure out all the links between them, and come up with a schematic program, that is relevant and proportional to the functions and spaces.Thanks for the replies. It'd help to have the parti written out in bold letters so you're reminded of your overall idea you are working towards.

There is nothing wrong with bubble diagrams, but from what I hear, and these are not my word, they tend to not be that helpful, esp. Then at all parts of the design process you reference back to that parti to make sure that your decision strengthens your core idea.With the list, I've found that using bubble diagrams has helped me for figuring out spatial adjacencies or circulation.

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