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Asia-Europe spot container rates soar as carriers hard line the 1 July GRI against a background of weak market fundamentals. Registering with My Drewry ensures we provide you with, relevant information, tailored to your specific interests and based on your account history. The US and European markets have been growing while Japan’s economy is improving, giving rise to the hope that demand will be strong enough to fend off the inflow of new vessel tonnage, said Peter Sand, chief shipping analyst at Bimco.
On the supply side, 2016 is projected to see around 850,000 teu of new capacity, compared to 1.6m teu added in 2015.
The segment for smaller ship sizes of just below 3,000 teu up to 5,000 teu, in particular, is expected to see a modest increase in time-charter rates due mainly to the segment’s more active demolition activities.
The emerging markets of South Africa and West Africa have been developing rapidly, and owners and operators “seem to be getting ahead of themselves as they are supplying the markets with too many big ships too early”, according to Sand.

While the outlook for container shipping is not too all gloomy, the market is delicate and facing a ‘new new normal’ of declining outsourcing activity, which impacts seaborne trade, Sand noted. Shanghai-Rotterdam container freight rate index increased by $1,632 per 40ft container today4th July 2013, London. On shipping demand, Bimco expects imports in the US and steady private consumption in Europe to lend support to the boxship market.
The Asia to South America and Africa trades are “awashed with capacity due to the cascading effect” of larger ships being deployed on the main Asia-Europe and transpacific trades. He lamented that even though there is demand growth in those trades, the capacity introduced has outstripped the demand, leading to downward pressure on rates.
Even as globalisation remains a positive trend, European and American manufacturers are practising nearshoring as they bring production closer to their neighbouring region, thereby slicing away part of the need to engage seaborne transportation.

Since 2010, container volumes moved globally have grown by an average of GDP-to-trade multiplier of just 1.1 and Bimco expects this to continue in the coming years. The ongoing declining value of the Chinese renminbi against the US dollar may also inspire some enterprises to go back to Chinese suppliers for goods. Martin Dixon, research manager freight rate benchmarking at Drewry, commented: a€?We expect this rate increase to be partly reversed in the next few weeks.

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