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Ferras Cargo works hard to ship all your rolling stock with optimal speed and care, throughout Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia; we also cater for special cargoes, including all crane operations. We are shipping single and multiple vehicles (RoRo for Autos, Trucks and any kind of rolling stock). Ferras Cargo arranges, land, sea or combined transport to offer the best solutions to guarantee our service. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering the finest most personalized logistics services anywhere. Ferras Cargo–Shipping provides domestic and international coverage for transports, sea freight, inland freight, and logistics management solutions. International freight shipping requires a bit more careful planning to ensure that the cargo will arrive at the proper destination on time.
We have expert's professional who will take care of all the details about the cargo shipping, making the process as easy as possible. Having proper documentation is essential for your international freight shipping to arrive on time. The Land transport of Ferras Cargo has various trailer types for all your freight needs to ensure load security and safety. We are responsible for coordinating all events and communicating the status of your cargo transport from the time of loading through the final destination.
Our international shipping department ensures you that our customers’ cargo arrives according to the terms agreed.. Ferras Cargo transportation offers the most powerful combination of sea freight and land transport to a good price. We have a wide range of transport services that allow you to do business faster, safer and efficiently the 364 days of the year. We stock a large range of products that include 10', 20' & 40' shipping containers that can be fitted with additional shipping container accessories.
The full container load process starts with collection of empty container at the yard followed by loading of cargo at the shippers end.
Ferras Cargo helps you planning the sea shipment in the most profitable way for the shipper in terms of budget, preference and shipment requirements.
Companies and individuals can schedule freight shipment online, and avail the best shipping solution in a few clicks. Ferras Cargo has We are responsible, Warehousing and shipping all these services available to ensure a proper shipment of the cargo to the destination. The freight exchange process via global shipping network can be profitable and useful to all involved in the process of freight transportation.
International shipping is also subject to numerous export and import controls and regulations.
The international freight shipping documentation can vary greatly depending on what you are shipping and on what country you are shipping your item.
We involve personal attention and professional approach to solve any inconvenience during the preparing, handling all documentation and reporting for customs export title clearance, shipper's exportation declaration, dock receipt and bill of lading for each vehicle. Ferras Cargo is connected with a worldwide network of freight forwarders, customs agents, and carriers in every port and terminal. The international transport and shipping cost of vehicles, cars, vans, trucks, buses and heavy equipment never was so profitable from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in the world. We have made strategic alliances with other shipping companies to get the highest level in quality and service; we together are now much more significant.
We are a transport enterprise dedicated to deliver the highest level of professionalism to our clients, focused on giving instant and reliable solutions with a strong commitment since 2007. Our main services are freight forwarding, logistic, car carriers, special transports, sea freight and container transport.
Ferras Cargo is specialist in shipping containers with 5 years of experience & global shipping network available to make your job easier, and take your business to the next level.
We have been expanding our sea shipping and land transport both internationally and in quality providing reliable and cost-effective services.
Ferras Cargo provides an efficient service with effective shipping cost and very profitable for shippers.

Our shipping rates are competitively priced in domestic and international shipping; these internationals shipping cost are ideal for both personal and commercial freight shipping. Our real-time platform is ideal for shippers and carriers, looking for information on ocean consignment. If you have a rectangular container, then you need to strategize when it comes to packing up your furniture. It can even help to draw out how you want to pack up the container before you get started, and in doing so, you can make the best use of your space. Talk to 4 Seas International Shipping, LLC, today about the right container for your international shipment. How Much Will My Deal Toy Cost?A breakdown on some of the expected costs when ordering a deal toy. Custom dealtoy celebrating financing of new vessels for Danaos, a container shipping company headquartered in Athens, Greece. Mitsubishi has had it rough with factory production halts and logistical headaches of getting cars and parts to the port. Japan’s auto industry was idled after the massive quake triggered a tsunami, with most production plants closing for different periods of time while the situation was assessed.
Jerry Mahoney, director of business development for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics — a Scandinavian line that ships and processes construction machinery and new and used vehicles through the Port of Hueneme — said one of his largest auto exporters to China is concerned about potential parts shortages. Anthony Taormina, executive director of the Oxnard Harbor District, which oversees the port, confirmed that concern.
Toyota idled all of its facilities from March 14-Thursday, stalling the production of 40,000 units, according to IHS Global Insight.
While Toyotas aren’t shipped through the Port of Hueneme, at least one local dealership, Thousand Oaks Toyota, reports no impact from the halt in production. Parts shortages will disrupt American manufacturers that rely on components from Japan, according to IHS Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh. The United States imported $124 billion in merchandise from Japan in 2010 and the biggest share was motor vehicles and parts ($46 billion), according to IHS. LAEDC economist Ferdinando Guerra said the Port of Hueneme will certainly be impacted because the majority of what is coming into the port from Japan are vehicles and auto parts. Mitsubishi and Suzuki vehicles are regularly come through the port, but shipping routes might also be affected because other Asian brands, such as South Korea’s Hyundai and Kia, also come into the Port of Hueneme. Economists say there may be opportunities for American auto companies if demand shifts because of short supplies of Japanese-brands.
Shipping companies may also benefit if called upon to transport manufactured homes like they did after the Kobe earthquake in 1995, said Mahoney of Wallenius. But Taormina is not worried about radiation getting in through the Port of Hueneme because all cargo gets screened.
When shipping container to Africa, many people often worry about what will happen to their personal goods enroute to such a distant continent and what will happen to them when they arrive. While piracy is an ongoing issue off the coast of Africa, when you ship 40 ft container of personal goods to any nation on the African subcontinent, the odds are still wildly in your favor. As far as the "lawless shipping ports" myth is concerned, the fact is that container freight shipping is such a vital industry to the economies of most countries, ports are among the safest places in the world. The key to keeping track of a container to Africa or another foreign destination is the "unit number" of the container.
When a customer signs a contract with a container freight company, a Shipping Order is issued. In the event that something does go drastically wrong with a delivery, an insurance policy issued on the cargo will minimize the damage. RORO shipping (Roll-on Roll-off) is a simple cost effective method of cargo freight as it offers many advantages to ship self-propelled units such as cars, trucks, heavy equipment, trailers or cradles.
The company is focused on the shipping and logistics business while providing to our global customers a quality shipping service.
They may also offer additional services to aid you in notification of when your item has arrived at the destination. Most delays are caused by missing or incorrect documents, so make sure you know exactly what you should have prepared depending on the country you are shipping.

With our process oriented and strong customer focus, you can be assured that we work extra hard in meeting any of your special requirements in this area. Offers the perfect solution and supports the transport system to ensure streamlined operation of the freight transportation business. We supply specialized shipping container equipment such as insulated containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers, open top containers and high cube containers, all sizes and types are available.
Eventually, the cargo is transported to the port via truck , and then finally sent to the destination via ship . We simplify your shipping overseas by providing full import and export cargo shipping services from your point of origin to your final destination.
Our professional and experienced staff works to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination quickly and safely. Our customers can obtain the shipping rates and many options for moving your international cargo around the world.
Depending on the weight and volume of the cargo, the shipper can choose the type of transportation that suits best.
Grace has held previously responsible of export and import department and global operations. When you’re moving your house overseas, you need to make sure the container can hold your life.
Power supply shortages and planned outages also are a concern that could slow productivity. For one thing, pirates generally do not attempt to commandeer huge container freight vessels, many of which carry 5000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) or more hits less than a fraction of a percentage of the total daily traffic. The entire industry is so standardized, it is as if ports share a common heritage and language. Sometimes also called a "box number," this is the identifying number of a single container.
This is a most important document, because it contains every detail about the container to Africa. This is why authorities recommend using a container freight company that has extensive contacts in that country who can ensure a seamless and trouble free delivery. We offer most suitable sea routes to the customers according to their budget and preference.
This can be even more problematic when you’re trying to fill the container with all of your furniture from your home.
They have seen movies and television shows that depict foreign ports, especially those in Africa, as being wild and lawless places. Shipping a container to Africa involves exactly the same procedures as shipping to England or any other country. Everyone from the captain of a container vessel to the shore authorities will have a copy of this number and can find out everything they need to know from it.
The unit number is included on it, as well as an itemized list of the household goods being shipped.
They are able to help with any customs irregularities, problems with the goods, delivery to the client's home and any other issues that may arise. International container shipping companies usually provide insurance, but the policy may not cover every eventuality in the case of a container to Africa. These are often the images that come to mind when one talks about shipping a container to Africa. Whether a multi-national corporation ships a thousand TEUs or an individual ship 20 ft container, it will be delivered and processed in the same way. In addition, the shipping order contains the name and contact deals of all parties involved in the shipping, from the person who owns the goods to those responsible for its delivery.

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