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A recent form of architecture, shipping container architecture resorts to steel intermodal containers as structural element. A second advantage that adds reliability to the idea of shipping container architecture resides in the fact that containers are modular. Since the shipping containers conform to standard shipping sizes, the pre-fabricated modules can be easily loaded and transported to the architectural site. Increased availability of shipping units across the globe allows their usage in numerous shipping container architecture projects. As for the price is concerned, the intermodal containers are far cheaper than traditional building materials such as bricks and mortar, not to say that the shipping container architecture processes require less labor than the classic type of structure constructions.
We have a proud history of converting containers into steel offices and canteens for many of the UK's container hire fleets as well as numerous one-off projects for a wide range of businesses.
You can email a plan of your project to our CAD staff (Computer-aided design) and we will return with a quick-quote.
We have recently expanded our conversion workshops, which means we can now provide an faster and more extensive service. These type of conversions are achieved by joining containers together, side by side, to create wider areas of space, or conjoining rooms and corridors. Alternatively, containers can be joined together lengthways, as we did to provide a temporary entrance building for Blackpool Hospital during their recent construction works. People have been placing products in storage containers to transport them over long distances for hundreds of years, but the general practice of putting goods in standardized shipping containers that could be transported by and moved between railroads, ships and trucks came into widespread practice after World War II.
The types of shipping containers most people are familiar with are the 20-foot or 40-foot intermodal freight containers that are placed on railroad cars or ships.

Special containers provide needed padding and cushioning for sensitive items such as weapons, scientific and musical instruments, and audio visual products such as cameras. A shipping container company provides the opportunity for companies to move their cargo around the world. Shipping Containers, Container Homes, Shipping Companies, Storage Containers and Cardboard Boxes. Inherent strength, relatively low cost and wide availability represent reasons that have led to the emergence of this type of architecture.
Designed to carry and support heavy loads when stacked in high columns, intermodal shipping containers are very durable and strong, which are perfect treats for a structural element in architecture.
This means that all shipping containers are built according to the same standard measurements, providing modular elements which can be assembled in larger structures.
Many companies receive too many containers to be sent back so they remain useless unless they are used in building projects.
They make an ideal structure from which to convert to buildings for many uses including anti-vandal site offices, canteens, classrooms trailer boxes, stables or even living accommodation.
The introduction of these containers opened up tremendous opportunities for interstate and international trade. Look for holes that would allow rain or sunlight in, if your cargo needs to be protected from light.
When you have important cargo to ship to a customer or to another location, a reliable shipping container can relieve the stress of wondering if it will get there on time and in good condition.
The material used for their construction allows them to withstand the most severe weather conditions as well as hard maneuvering.

This characteristic entails the benefit according to which design, planning and transport of shipping containers is simplified.
When they reach a destination, whether ita€™s a warehouse or a port, theya€™re disconnected from the truck cab and unloaded or placed on a ship.
Make sure that any rust spots in the sides or top of the container dona€™t have holes that would allow damaging moisture or sunlight to impact the cargo. Due to an abundance of unused shipping containers, re-purposing them as homes is inexpensive and helps prevent the waste of valuable resources. Conceived to interlock to facilitate mobility during transportation, shipping containers can be just emplaced in order to complete the structural construction.
Check the floor of the container to make sure it’s in good shape and can hold your cargo. In conclusion, the container's modular design reduces considerably the efforts of practically building a shipping container architecture piece. Ask if the company from which youa€™re buying or renting the container can do any modifications you may need.

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