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Our Principals maintain a fleet of standard SS 316 - 24 KL tank containers in the depots based in Nhava Sheva to offer tank container carriage from Nhava Sheva to worldwide locations. Our services include finding suitable tank for each cargo as per IMDG, find out the right type of carrier offering competitive slot rates and transit time, competitive freight rates ensure shipments take place and also ensure post shipment services are rendered to Indian clients in location of discharge as necessary. Our marketing team has an alert effective team of Customer Service Personnel trained to offer professional assistance at anytime. We are serving presently more than 50 Indian companies exporting non- hazardous, hazardous and dangerous chemicals on a regular basis on behalf of our Principals.
We also specialize in offering suitable tank containers to our clients on behalf of our Principals to carry special cargoes on short term lease and long term lease. About OOCL > Customer Service > “Click-To-Accept” Draft Bill of Lading Feature Without Log In to My OOCL Center! Please visit our “e-Services” page for online services available, or try our OOCL Lite (for iPhone) and Mobile Version for enquiry and tracking solutions through your mobile device. Sale > Antiques > HORNBILL & DRAGON ANTIQUE BRONZE KETTLE POT TEAKETTLE Vintage Authentic Artifact Borneoartifact item number: AT 0796 Some of the finest antique bronze kettle Ive seen, featuring two Hornbill Bird and a Naga head as the kettles mouth.
Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo. In the bygone days, such artifacts were preferred monetary tender, desirable marriage dowry and were treasured as an heirloom and a status symbol. Combine shipping discount of 30% discount will be given on shipping of the next item only for combine shipment. Outdoor Floor stand Wind Spinner rotating signage windvane, View windvane, YEROO Product Details from Guangzhou Yeroo Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
Sometimes people can find the experience frustrating, by running into brick walls information-wise.
When you give us the "go-ahead" for your shipment, we will connect you to our working partners who will be in charge of your particular consignment. Check out our hyperlinks to help you learn more about the overseas moving and shipping process. With this in mind my recommendation to you is to book early, at least 4 weeks in advance of scheduled departure date".
If there is any pre-existing damage, then there will be an "exception noted" next to that item on the list. From the moment you sign the list on date of pickup, you should keep one original signed copy. When your export paperwork is processed, there is important information that has to be included, such as the total weight (in lbs. Note: if the goods are professionally packed and unpacked, they can be insured against "all normal risks". Customs at various border crossings, and Customs Authorities will need to know what is in any shipment. It applies to shipments that are professionally packed and professionally unpacked, door-to-door. Cargo shipped as LCL-less than container loads, should be well packed for export and secure. If you are not already a Sefco customer, you should be prepared to pay for the surveyors fee. Due to high demand for our honest and reliable export inspection services, please understand that our surveyor gets paid to provide an on-site evaluation. We operate in a similar fashion to such pre-shipment inspection companies as SGS [click here for info]. For the one-shot shipper without their own warehouse operations, they save thousands by NOT needing or paying for their own full time warehouse, week after week month after month - as are operated by the consistent shippers and their agents. If you elect to go the "packed by owner" PBO-route, by packing everything yourself, then this is one way you can possibly save money. Did you know that you can actually buy a "knock down, prefabricated shipping crate", online? Premium service LCL deliveries cost of multiple of the amount payable for a "straight trucking door delivery" (only). They only work on a company to company basis upon our formal instructions (not offering their service retail to the public) and can pickup on very short notice - and "rocket" your LCL cargo right away to our designated export terminal. Depending on the origin pickup location, one may find that professional truckers and common carriers will not accept freight that may be better handled by movers.

Long distance truckers will readily pickup professionally packed freight from a movers warehouse, while balking at a residential pickup. Please be advised that LCL truckers are not "movers" and should not be expected to provide any labor or pre-packing. A straight trucking pickup can typically be arranged - operationally - on relatively short notice (3 days).
A cost comparison - Compared to "complete origin services", trucking-only (no labor or packers) can work out quite favorably price-wise. If you can make it easy for our trucker to receive the goods, then we can get a favorable rate.
Lift-gates are pneumatic lifting platforms used to raise the freight from street level to truck level.
Most commercial truckers come and go between warehouse loading docks which are level to the back of the truck, rather than pulling up in front of a residence which is of course at street level. Your goods can go "as is" (not advisable unless very well packaged), or for reasonable extra cost, we can instruct the warehouse to have the cartons placed onto square wooden pallets, so they are raised up off the ground. If we "palletize" the goods for you, they will also typically place plastic shrink-wrap all around the goods and then band everything together so it forms a square unit for easier handling.
Most of our mover-based receiving depots can handle shrink-wrapping and palletization, as well as liftvan crating where required.
For LCL-less than container-loads that include furniture and many fragiles, consider using wooden lift-van packing.
This way, there are no surprises and we work transparently together to get the job done right.
You can view photo's of lift-vans, crates, cases, and shrink-wrapped skids in our on-line gallery. All crates and cases are made so they are lifted a few inches off the ground, resting securly on chocks or a skid platform.
Unless otherwise specified, sailings to most of our major destinations tend to depart weekly. Fill in your name, address, etc, sign it, send it back to us (via FedEx if time sensitive) with your minimum premove deposit. An import LCL shipment from South America to the USA (South to North) can take twice as long - more than 4 weeks, compared to the transit time from North to South. This is the case for transshipments via Durban, Beira, Dar-es-Salaam, Assab, Djibouti and other African ports. It is your responsibility to check with the Embassy of the country being shipped to, before you ship the goods, to decide if it is "worth shipping". If you plan to pick up your goods yourself from the overseas port or inland terminal, its smart to call ahead to make sure the goods will be ready and available for you, before showing up at the overseas warehouse.
Shipping rates can include in-land "on-carriage" transportation from the port of entry to an interior city-terminal, like Paris, Munich, Budapest, Milan, etc. Additional Cost for De-consolidation of LCL-less than container-loads, paid at destination.
On average, the destination deconsolidation fee for LCL-less than container load shipments can run about US$ 1 per cubic foot, paid collect at destination terminal.
Unless specifically agreed to in advance and in writing, rates do not include any legalization or consular documentation. They want to verify that the original title is free and clear of liens (and obviously, not stolen). Without the original title or MSO for brand new vehicles, in 98% of the cases the vehicle can not be exported from the USA. This is generally something you can do on the spot - at the time you deliver your own car - at no extra cost. Depending on the duties and other regulations, it may not even be sensible to attempt to ship cars to certain countries.
Despite these "ins and outs" of the shipping business - certain things are not really that difficult to do. Since so many people still decide to go ahead and do it - ship their vehicle overseas - this in itself does say something about whether it is "worth it" - to ship it or not. The export clearance requirement (original title clearance and VIN check) will slow down the export of everything else in that container.
For your convenience we have scanned copies of these, in our insurance information section.

This is where professional movers come to your home and put everything inside the residence, set everything up, unwrap, unpack and remove any debris on the day of delivery. At some destinations, such as Australia, there may be an extra charge in the event your consignment is selected for physical inspection by Customs, quarantine and fumigation. Be very careful not to ship any plants or other contaminants, risking selection by Customs and resulting in accessorial fees.
Residential delivery may either be sent on a prepaid basis, or can be paid to the destination agent collect when the goods land overseas.
Information and Special Services: Sefco's E-Reports, ESR-Export Shipping Reports generated for specialized requests. IMPORTANT FORMS: Sefco's standard letter of instructions, to be completed by customer who wants to go ahead with the job. It is our intention to help improve knowledge in general about shipping, overseas moving, and related matters. 2016 hot sell polycarbonate sheet 12mm thick triple wall hollow plastic sheet price, View hollow plastic sheet price, GWX Product Details from Guangdong Guoweixing Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
Good Quality Outdoor Wind Spinning Advertising board (water or sand filled base), View Advertising Board, YEROO Product Details from Guangzhou Yeroo Steel Structure Co., Ltd. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Beyond finding out, often for the first time, what is involved in shipping goods abroad, there is also the interpersonal element, where you want to feel comfortable with whom you are entrusting your personal effects.
Including giving you the name, phone number and physical address of the overseas destination agent where you plan to go. In many ways, we act as the guardian for your property while it is en-route to your overseas destination.
Notice the section that documents the items' condition at origin, and condition at destination. Road conditions, traffic, waiting time to get an empty container from the SS Lines stock of empty containers and chassis at the port - any number of factors come into play. Labor and warehouse operations are based on the pre-arranged calendar of tasks to service various accounts. At the end of the day all the labor that clocks in and out get paid, on a consistent basis throughout the year. Besides being an issue of whether the goods are properly packed, it tends to be a judgment call by the truckers local dispatcher. You are permitted to clear your goods yourself--direct with Customs in the destination country, or for an additional fee, the overseas port agent can arrange clearance formalities on your behalf. On FCL full container loads the THC port terminal handling charge can run from $80-$250 on 20-ft containers and from $ 140-250 for 40-ft containers (on average, depending on the port).
Like, when shipping a car via roro service from the US East Coast to Europe - and its your own car. If conditions require special third party services, such as "cherry picker trucks" to hoist large items through windows, gondolas to ply the canals of Venice, or other extra-ordinary services, please let us know. If shipping heavy equipment, vehicles and machinery to Australia, be sure to ship it clean".
This will be for your account unless specifically prepaid in advance and door delivery is arranged for ahead of time. Such services would cost more than a simple delivery by a trucker, or a normal inside delivery by movers. By offering personalized service, working with trusted and capable transportation providers, carriers, customs brokers and other experts in the field, you can be at ease knowing competent people are looking after your valuable shipment. A delay may occur at destination if they don't have a copy of the packing list, so this is important for you to have. Early trade with China, India and the Middle East may have ushered in the craft along with the forms and decorative motifs.
For other countries other than USA, Canada and Europe please email us as shipping cost may vary greatly depending on which country.

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