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An artist's render of Samsung Heavy Industries’ 21,100 TEU container ship, which is the largest ever ordered to date.
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA18 May 2015 - 12:30pmJung Suk-yeeDomestic shipyards are sweeping up the global ultra-large container ship market. According to shipbuilding industry sources on May 15, total orders of 21 container ships exceeding 20,000 TEU in capacity were placed globally from the end of last year to date.
The 20,000 TEU container carrier can carry 20,000 containers with a length of 20 feet at a time. With domestic shipyards monopolizing the 20,000 TEU container ship market, SHI stands out among them.

DSME also won the order of four mega container ships of 20,000-TEU capacity from Maersk, while HHI recently won a deal to build two 20,000 TEU container carriers from Canada's Seaspan Marine Corp. The increase in orders for ultra-large container ships is largely due to the fact that the competition in traffic is growing more fierce between global ship companies. The company was awarded the contract to build three ultra-large 20,600 TEU container ships from CMA CGM of France. The mega container carrier needs 20 to 30 percent less fuel than conventional vessels so it can reduce operating costs. The company received 10 orders, half of the total orders of container ships exceeding 20,000 TEU made in the world to date.

The industry expects that an additional 30 orders to build mega container carriers will be awarded this year.
Also, it is the first domestic shipyard to win the order for a 20,000 TEU container ship, and the largest vessel of 21,100 TEU.

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