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The company I work for bought about 24 40 foot containers and chassis when the Florida based Sealand went under. The container is supposed to be filled to the brim with scrap tires but I did not have sufficient to achieve this.
If you are interested in becoming a part of Hank's Truck Forum, you will find that self-registration has been turned off. I suppose the container, prior to becoming a trailer to hold scrap tires, was damaged or off the leased. It still has structural integrity though as the top twistlock corners are in place, they are the strongest points on any shipping container. Also, I'm impressed that someone finally found a legitimate use for one of those little Michelin Men!
If you need any tires for this let me know, I have a 2 quart Tupperware container full of ones that I'm never going to use.
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Not surprised to see many of these off-hired containers looking beyond normal and left at container depots to rust. If you want to fill the back up stick a lump of something in the bottom of that container to lift the tyres up! should be decommissioned but i have seen trucks like this before but my inspiration for this came from a pic I had seen on the net.
A little more toning the weathering on the container,  behind the cab, and minute detailing and it is done.
We will then email you back and ask you some questions before we sign you up.Thank you for your interest. To the right are the dimensions with a visual representation so you have a better idea of what you think you might need. A 40 yard dumpster may be appropriate for a metal siding replacement for a large home or commercial metal roof tear off etc.

I made some few changes of the placement of the wheels and did some minor painting and slight weathering.
There's no perfect way to choose dumpster sizes, but a 10 yard dumpster may be appropriate for a small basement cleanout of scrap metal or a small kitchen remodeling job of recycled appliances. A 20 yard roll off may be the right dumpster size for a large basement, attic, or garage cleanup or 2500 to 3000 sq.
My times with China Shipping containers aren't as content compared to others because their containers are usually weary, bulged out with some problems.

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