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You can swap information, ideas, stories, and experiences, ask questions, post classified ads, read the latest industry news, and all services are free. Courtesy of Kip TindellKip Tindell, chairman and CEO of The Container Store.If launching a store that sells only containers is any indication, Kip Tindell has always thought outside the box. The 61-year-old chairman and CEO of The Container Store founded the quirky retailer in 1978 with two friends and an initial investment of $35,000. Business Insider: In your new leadership book, you use words like "love" and "yummy" to describe your culture and write that after a business meeting with you, you might get a hug. BI: Do you think that's why the company's turnover rate is just 10% compared to the retail industry average of about 100%? If you're lucky enough to be an employer, you have a moral obligation to create a great work environment. At the height of the recession I was at a big bank's conference and many top leaders were there; I was the least important person in the room. It was like holding hands at the dinner table as a family and talking about how we were going to spend less money. BI: Some of your philosophies sound similar to those held by John Mackey, the cofounder and CEO of Whole Foods Market.
Mackey and Raj Sisodia wrote a book called "Conscious Capitalism," which is a great primer, and before that Raj wrote "Firms of Endearment." Danny Meyer's book "Setting the Table" is one of the best books ever written and influenced our customer service. Bay Shore Auto Group Dealer #: 30628 Come on down and when you arrive ask for Bay Shore Auto Group Salesmen.

Once again BC industry is leading the way for environmentally-friendly solutions for today's business. Today, it has 6,000 employees, 67 locations in the US, and annual sales of nearly $800 million. Tindell attributes the company's success to a few simple-yet-unexpected rules, like women make the best executives, business is personal, and companies have a moral obligation to their employees. Intellectual intelligence is really important, but what's more important in a leader is high emotional intelligence.
If people work for a company that treats them with respect, they go home and treat their families better. We both believe in Conscious Capitalism, that a win-win is what's most profitable, and that no one has to lose. Roy Spence has a funny book called "The 10 Essential Hugs of Life." I also like "Discovering the Soul of Service" by Leonard Berry, and "Peak" by Chip Conley explores Maslow's hierarchy of needs in business.
The way you know you're expanding too fast is when your store managers suck, because you can't keep up with HR needs.
It's a 2008 Freightliner Class 5 truck, using a Hybrid Electric engine about the size of a pickup truck's diesel engine. People who have it keep their egos in check; they're comfortable with surrounding themselves with people better than them. It's just that the skillset a€” communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, understanding what we stand for (Conscious Capitalism, servant leadership), and being like our target customer a€” really fits the bill with women.

Business schools have discovered it, studied it, and found that companies that practice it are more successful.
We have such interest in Europe and Japan, but I don't think you can go open a store in London before you have all the cities in the US first.
When we did our board, though, we did seek out women because we wanted the board to reflect company management. And you can pay them twice as much and still save, since you get three times the productivity at two times the cost. It uses electronic retardation to take braking energy and convert it to electricity to run the reefer unit. They win, you save money, the customers win, and all the employees win because they get to work with someone great.
An added benefit to the public will be reduced noise pollution compared to diesel reefers and conventional Class 5 truck engines.
These people are the best in the industry, and I can't wait to get up in the morning and work with them. A win-win during those early-morning deliveries to the local markets and stores in the quaint, scenic regions of Vancouver Island.

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