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Joni Rhodes, spokesperson for The Tomato Stall, tells me that the natural habitat of the isle is largely responsible, as its geographical location ensures the tomatoes enjoy up to 20 percent more sunshine than any other area in the UK.
I turn to tomato super nerd Craig LeHoullier, American author of Epic Tomatoes and avid blogger. As well as the use of the island’s natural gifts, The Tomato Stall has also worked hard to engineer a manmade but au natural environment.
The impact of compost on the tomatoes, especially with such a high rate of production, cannot be underestimated. Additionally, the farm trials over 300 new varieties each year (more than anywhere else in Europe) and the growers rigorously test them with an independent taste panel to select the best varieties.
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That tough, bouncy ball exterior yielding to a bite and revealing its lie within—a sickening wave of seedy gunk.

At least that’s the claim made by The Tomato Stall, the island’s high-tech, eco-friendly tomato farm which pumps out 320,000 kilograms a week in the summer months and feeds over 50 percent of all UK mouths hungry for organic tomatoes. Exactly how important is photosynthesis to a tomato’s flavour and why does sugar have such an important part to play in the making of a good tasting tom?
According to LeHoullier, determinates such as Taxi and Roma have incredibly high fruit production compared to their foliage or leaf cover. The Tomato Stall also harnesses other elements—irrigating their crop with harvested rainwater “We have the capacity to store up to 100 million litres (the equivalent of 600, four-person, household’s average use of water a year) of rainwater in our reservoirs,” Rhodes says. For instance, natural predators control the plant pests, rather than pesticides and pollination is achieved with UK-native bumblebees. We can also recommend any of the following alternative browsers: Firefox,Safari, Opera or Chrome. All in all, The Tomato Stall’s combination of natural environment and grower ambition, that perfect blend of human and habitat, has led to awesome tomatoes.

But what makes the best tomato according to the man who’s worked his way through 2000 varieties in 30 years of growing? LeHoullier also says the relationship between acid and sugar is another key factor in a delicious tomato. It is important to combine excellent conditions with excellent specific varieties that are geared to your individual preferences and taste buds.

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