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Important: When shipping a motorcycle to Europe, our competitors cannot compete with our pricing.
While many people ship a motorcycle to Europe, others ship mopeds, trikes, golf carts, dirt bikes, ATVs, and other types of off-road vehicles.
While accidents are rare, we highly recommend purchasing the optional marine insurance to protect your valuable motorcycle from loss or damage. While other methods of shipping motorcycles to Europe exist, only use RoRo or Container shipping for your motorcycle.
There are many motorcycle shipping companies like our friends at AA Motorcycles that only ship within the USA. We have a solid track record and are an Accredited Company registered with the Better Business Bureau. If you found this information useful, PLEASE help us out by sharing our site using one of the social media buttons below. If you have any questions regarding shipping a motorcycle to Europe, please feel free to ask below. Packing up to move to another country is a huge job, but having your own container to fill with all your household items and furniture can make the whole process easier.
Shipping containers are very secure as they are built to withstand a lot of impact, wind, water and even fire. However, they are also large and cumbersome so when you purchase your shipping container make sure that the shipping container transport is included in the service. When planning to buy shipping containers to move overseas, however, there are a couple of tips on transporting shipping containers that you should have at hand. Select the shipping company carefully: Investigate the reputation of the shipping companies you are considering. Check out the reputation of the shipping container transport company that you are considering using. Containers that are considered new are usually less than six months old – you can find the construction date of the container by looking at the CSC plate stamped on the doors.
Gateway carry over 5000 containers in our 2 depots, have decades of experience and know the container business inside out. We guarantee delivery of containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea, or any combination thereof. Specials, expert tips, creative containers, innovative mods - shipped straight to your inbox!
If you are a USA based company exporting commodities or goods to an international buyer, let us know the pickup location and the destination city.

If you want to know how much does it cost to ship a container overseas, we need three things: 1) Location of Goods 2) Destination Country and 3) What you are shipping. We can either pick up from where the cargo is located or you can deliver your own goods to the closest terminals. If you are too far from a terminal and do not have the means to transport your cargo to the terminal, then we'll only pick up from if the cargo is at a non-residential area (like commercial areas or a warehouse). The United States CBP (Customs and Border Protection) is the government body responsible for enforcing that all goods exiting the US do so in accordance with U.S.
You can be assured if you ship a Harley Davidson to Europe, or any other motorcycle, that you will get it in the same condition when it was handed to us. Our solid relationship with the US Military has allowed anyone in Europe to benefit from our low pricing on our shipping lines.
If your motorcycle is shipped via RoRo, it will be strapped and braced as shown on the image to your right. Any vessel WILL rock while at sea so when shipping a motorcycle to Europe, opt for the marine insurance. Transportation for larger sizes will cost you more to ship so unless you really need the space, opt for a smaller size.
If you are shipping a container overseas and need us to pick up your container, we can easily coordinate the pick up. In addition, import duties are different for the types of products a person or company is importing. If more information is needed regarding licenses, we will tell you once you fill out the quote form and get your ocean freight rates. Your motorcycle can be shipped using one of three shipping methods: 1) RoRo (Roll on Roll off) and 2) Container. The motorcycles are strapped to the ship’s deck to minimize movement while the ship rocks at sea. For people or businesses that need to ship multiple motorcycles at once, consider using the container shipping method. Once you have loaded your goods into the container, the truck driver will go to the assigned shipping dock.
When shipping containers overseas, product ranges from shipping Consumer Goods, Capital Goods, Foods Feeds & Beverages, Industrial Supplies & Materials, and Automotive Vehicles (Cars, Parts, and Engines).

These loading terminals will collect cargo and load it into the container, once it's full they will deliver to port and ship it. The image to your right illustrates the height difference between a 40ft container and a 40ft HC. If a company is shipping many containers, we can assist on getting you lower rates by railroad.
Sometimes we have many motorcycles from different customers who are shipping to the same country. Never use an international motorcycle shipping company who cannot prove they are certified with the Federal Government.
If you have fragile items like electronics or anything that may break, then you should always purchase marine insurance.
If you need to find help in the US, then find the Embassy of the country you are shipping to. Department of Commerce (the most common), Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Drug Enforcement Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Foreign Assets Control or the Bureau of the Census websites. If you need us to schedule a truck driver to pick up your motorcycle and bring it to the departure port, we can easily arrange it. Normally they are all in Washington DC so do a Google search for something like: "the country + Embassy Washington DC". These sites include information from numerous other agencies with export control responsibilities. If you look closely you will notice the tires can’t move because they locked to the metal protector. The ships have a route they follow starting from the US, so the price is almost always the same for many Eastern European countries. Many customers and European motorcycle dealerships purchase over the internet on sites like eBay Motors and use our services to ship motorcycles to Europe. There are two shipping methods to select from when shipping a motorcycle to Europe, RoRo Ship and Container Ship, covered below.

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