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Note: the tyre of yard ramp is only used to move the machine, after you land the legs, let out the hydraulic oil of the cylinders, or the heavy loading will break the cylinders and the tyres.
Portable Hydraulic EquipmentPortable Hydraulic EquipmentA must for body collision repair use.
Inexpensive container loading ramp, View container load ramp, G Product Details from Changshu Sunanzhongjiang Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
Mobile Container Loading Ramp has been tested and debugged, and all the parameters has been reached on the designed requirements.

Yard ramp’ s hydraulic system and tyres should be examined carefully before the working to make sure that without the leak of oil and the weak pressure of tyres. The yard ramp should be landed onto the hard ground and to fasten the fixing chains to the truck. When the return valve is screwed counterclockwise, the hydraulic oil will go back, and the ramp will fall down on its own weight. Release the return valve, and the ramp will fall down onto the afterbody of the truck, then fasten the ramp and the truck with the chain.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Just push button, the adjustable plate would rise automatically; and realease button, the plate would drop down based on its own weight.

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