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This is the fun part where you get to identify the features and design elements that you love (or hate) in other peoples container homes and projects, and then try to work out whether they will work in your own conversion.We will endeavour to lay our hands on some container home plans as well to help you visualise the sizing and layout of your spaces in comparison to existing examples.
The modular nature of shipping containers means we see them in a variety of exciting and progressive architectural styles as well as in less stylish applications, and then perhaps more importantly as both temporary and emergency housing for those affected by natural disasters.As a waste product, sitting on the docks of every port of the world, there is no doubt that shipping containers are both a readily available, and affordable building material, as well as being strong, durable and relatively easy to move from place to place. Have you converted (or are in the process of converting) a container into an office, home, or something unique? Completed Container Conversion - Grenada In 2011, I took a used shipping container and turned it into a workspace away from my home that I could use to write and connect with my thoughts.

Shipping Container Homes Jan 28, 16 05:10 AMCan a shipping container homes really be successful as permanent accommodation?
The Changing Face of Residential Solar Electric Power - Energy Storage Jan 28, 16 05:04 AMThe changing face of residential solar electric power is seeing a global shift as the energy storage market grows from a fledgling to what will become a multi billion dollar industry.
If you have specific questions about building materials or designs please send me an email through this contact form here. Perhaps youa€™re thinking about a shipping container as temporary, or more permanent accommodation, or just have a passion for more alternative forms of architecture, or modular housing.

Come on a journey with me to learn about green roofs in readiness for a container conversion.
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