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Trinity Buoy Wharf is a peninsula at the eastern part of the Docklands opposite the Millennium Dome where the Lea River flows into the Thames.
Part of the USM proposal was to build new housing using re-cycled metal shipping containers that could be rapidly (construction took only 3 months) and economically built.
The basic 8? x 8? x 40? container with doors on one end was modified to make it suitable as habitable space.
The idea of recycling containers, as housing is an idea that has grown in its appeal as the world stockpile of old containers has mushroomed in recent years and there are many experiments, competitions, projects in schools of architecture, and prototype designs for all kinds of container conversions and buildings. Here's a fascinating glimpse inside the shipping container homes set to be used as temporary accommodation for homeless people.A housing trust in Brighton wants to use the 36 adapted containers as a stop-gap for people without a permanent home. Concern: Brighton and Hove authorities recognise homelessness is a serious problem in the city. In Brighton and Hove, the authorities recognise homelessness as a significant problem, with 43 people found sleeping rough during an annual headcount this month, up six from the previous year.Mr Winter highlighted the case of one man who was living in his car and holding down a job. He said he would not want to see the shipping containers used as a long-term housing option here, but there are examples in mainland Europe.'The most notable project is in Keetwonen, Amsterdam, a development by TempoHousing, of 1,000 containers using exactly the same internal design layout as the ones we are proposing to use.
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Temporary housing are starting to be deployed disaster areas.A However, the number of the amount of housing required is insufficient.
After the overwhelming praise for our previous post on cargo container homes and offices we simply couldn’t resist doing a follow-up with even more amazing shipping container architectural designs from around the world. From self-transforming shipping container rooms to towering retail spaces and emergency housing here are ten additional examples of amazing recycled designs (including information on a company you can hire to create your own modified shipping container places).
The Linx Shipping Container Shelter offers an innovative solution for temporary shelter applications, such as for construction workers.
The structure includes a kitchen, dining room, showers, bathrooms, office space, and sleeping areas – not exactly your average construction worker shelter!Many of their works are, so far, purely academic exercises showing the potential possibilities of shipping container structures. Couple that with the US trade imbalance (we import more than we export) and that equals roughly 700,000 disposable containers sitting at US ports gathering dust.
Judging by the three most popular posts in TreeHugger, it seems that much of our readership wants to green their sex life in front of a pellet stove in a shipping container house. The WC and shower unit is exactly the same as my daughter had in her student accommodation and she much preferred it to having to share bathrooms and toilets with other students. In the original building, smaller fixed round windows were also cut from the container doors creating a secondary pattern of light and transparency.

Paul Rudolph?s 1960?s proposals for ?highway bricks? that involved a system of factory made boxes the dimensions of which were determined by the size that could be shipped by truck, are an example of the stacked box idea. The two buildings were placed in the open space between existing warehouses so that Container City II faces east toward the end of the peninsula and the water.
The plan also included the construction of a bridge across the Lea River to Newham connecting the wharf to other sites along the Thames to the east, the Royal Victoria Docks area, the existing exhibition center, and London Airport. Toilets are located at the bridge entrances, units have minimum services and electric heating is used. The potential of the box form to create roof terraces as units are slipped past one another is also partially realized in City II, but never really developed as a dominant feature of the scheme.

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