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Shipping container design is getting to be more and more of an interesting and eye-catching feature when you’ve got a business that’s based on consumers. By taking standard sized containers and offsetting them, they create cantilevered sections on the second and third stories. Even though Garcia Saxe hasn't tried to cover the corrugations and hide its previous life as a container, the simple paint colours and the use of glass really give the building, a touch of class. Solar panels on the roof, will provide free energy in a country with so much annual sun exposure. Looking out the front door from the living area you wouldn't even know you are Standing in 2 containers. Incredible amount of light coming from the windows all around and the ones on the raised roof area.
Another picture of the living area which gives a sneak peak to the spacious kitchen and the eating area in the background. Airy and bright with a minimalist design, the Master bedroom, with access to the back of the property. Section view, to show the efficiency of the cross ventilation created by the raise roof portion. Over the past two years, shoppers at a West London supermarket may have noticed a bizarre cylindrical dwelling taking shape high above the store’s car park. From dirt wall abodes to pixelated panel interiors, the best architecture trends of 2012 showed a wide range of innovative designs.
Trend Hunter’s Architecture Trend Report explores the implications of these designs in much more detail, and can help businesses looking for ideas in this area.
The rise in popularity of shipping container concepts underscores our competitive and quick-changing society in which companies, housing and art space have to constantly adapt. The shipping container wins in terms of practically, as idle shipping containers can be repurposed for tangible use and the industrial look is both mod and rad in contemporary design circles. In the future we can expect to see an increasing number of green housing and solar-powered energy options on a residential level. Cybertecture is the revolutionary concept that provides a symbiotic relationship between the urban fabric and technology.

The genesis of Cybertecture is in response to man’s progress into the 21st century, where working and living environments need to adapt and evolve to cope with the demands of modern working life. Cybertecture designs, from technology, products and interiors to systems, buildings and masterplans, allow flexibility and accessibility to inform, adapt, react, communicate, manipulate and control environments, whilst being sustainable and environmentally considered in application and context. Cybertecture embraces the future through continuous innovation and evolution of design and technology. In a world fast growing and developing with limited resources, Cybertecture aims to create more awareness with healthier environments to live, work and play in. Aether Apparel in San Francisco has taken their shop to all new heights (literally) with their three stacked shipping container design by Envelope A+D in collaboration with Chris French Metal. Glass casements allow for another architectural element to show off the structure and its upcycled nature. If you wanted to make it look like a traditional construction house, you could use cladding or trellises with climbing plants to cover the corrugations.
The Hobbit in particular was a popular theme leading up to the movie’s release in December, resulting in architecture with a seemingly earthy feel. There are many small choices people can make to be more environmentally friendly such as using reusable water bottles, taking public transit and turning down the AC, however, these trends show that no matter your station in life, it is also possible to make sustainable choices for your living space.
Pioneered in 2001, Cybertecture forges both the hardware of the built environment and software systems and technologies from the micro to macro scales of development. It plays an integral part in this evolution by providing awareness and connectivity via seamless integration of technology into the fabric of space.
It provides a myriad of solutions, all of which are diverse in individual application but holistic to the overall user environment, and always being integrated with innovation being pursued. Innovating locally and affecting globally, it addresses the fundamentals of sustainable and balanced designs, with every step taken in consideration to local and global impact.
At the end of a single lane road cut into a hillside, on a dry west-facing slope near Juliaetta, Idaho, the owners wanted to restore a pioneer vineyard (the first known vineyard in the canyon). This housing unit in San Francisco’s Bay Area includes photovoltaics, a solar domestic hot water system and zoned radiant heating.
The interior is outfitted with reclaimed oak flooring and even a conveyor belt for a little extra element of surprise.

It appeared that consumers were open to new designs with this eco look, and some even welcomed homes made mostly out of dirt. An element of exclusivity and time-sensitivity is the novelty aspect that attracts people to the shop. Preserving the most ideal land for the vineyard, we located two structures – one above a flood plain, the other perched on a narrow basalt cliff overlooking a spawning pool on the Potlatch River. Compared to some of the more modern chic abodes on the market, designs such as these proved the public were still willing to buy homes with a minimum amount of grandeur.
The flexibility that comes with temporary locations increases consumer accessibility to products or services. In 2000 he establishes ENSAMBLE STUDIO leading, together with his partner Debora Mesa, a cross-functional team with a solid research background on the lookout for new approaches to architectonical space, building technologies and urban strategies.
The owner and guest quarters are housed in one structure and the other is used for special events such as wine tasting. Their built projects are exposed structures that explore the essence of materials to create space. The Music Studies Center and the SGAE Central Office in Santiago de Compostela, the Martemar House in Malaga, the Hemeroscopium House in Madrid, The Truffle in Costa da Morte (Spain) and more recently the Reader’s House in Madrid and the Cervantes Theater in Mexico City have been internationally published.
Their office has been awarded with important prizes like The Rice Design Alliance Prize to emerging architects in 2009 or the Architectural Record Design Vanguard Prize in 2005, and was selected by SANAA to participate in the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2010.
This year Anton has been elected an International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for his services to international architecture, and has been curator of the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale presenting “Spainlab”.
He co-founded with Debora Mesa the Positive City Foundation in 2009, with the aim of forwarding their views on urban development, and they are in the process of setting up a research laboratory at MIT, the POPLab (Prototypes of Prefabrication Laboratory).
Even with bamboo on the walls, and a garden up above to shade you from the brutal sun, it’s got to cost some serious bucks in AC to cool that thing in the summer.

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