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A friend and fellow tiny house lover recently sent me this link from Container Home on this shipping container cabin retreat in Sri Lanka.
The 700 square foot retreat is constructed of two shipping containers, timber strips from old bunkers and weapons boxes and used railway sleepers. Using shipping containers as houses is a spectacularly bad idea given the amount and nature of toxins involved.
For those who think containers ARE the best thing since sloppy joes, i think a trip to a container ship might be in order. But, that is a neat design that someone could use for copying or inspiration using safer materials. I agree totally about the use of railway sleepers and weapons boxes but disagree with all the other comments.
I live in a third world country, the philippines,My house was built of concrete using local labour.
As for jlbraun’s rudely-stated but nonetheless valid concerns, you can always buy a new shipping container instead of a used one. Truth be told, I have just learned from where I work that shipping pallets are almost always treated with pesticides.

Point being, there are a lot of people who have made posts on this blog about building things like makeshift furniture and even small homes with wooden pallets. I honestly can say I didn’t know all about the bad chemicals in used shipping containers . In Asia , since their land are small , they always have deck on top of their roof so they can use it for fresh air in privacy & to dry their clothes without getting lost ( people may steal it ) and they always have a few plants in the pots as their small garden . Lam van - 84 photos & 52 reviews - 8888 bolsa ave, 52 reviews of lam van "whenever i am in the area i make sure to stop by lam van and get packages of food for the whole fam! The house was constructed with local reclaimed material in about a month by architect Damith Premathilake.
It is designed to embrace the views and climate of the surrounding environment, and create a place of relaxation and beauty while using already available resources. The scaffolding they used was coco lumber,,,,, coconut trees, not up to western standards but there were no accidents on my build.
A batch of a drug my company makes was transported on wooden shipping pallets as opposed to the typical plastic (I learned all of this in a meeting). I was referring to the general design idea (the 2 enclosed smaller rooms with an adjacent larger open room), not the actual use of containers (or railroad ties).

Although the drugs were in sealed containers (they were non-generic so they had the safety seals, the silica thing to prevent moisture, etc), when patients opened the bottles they smelled a pesticidal smell and were afraid to take the drug. Open discourse ceases to be open when you make someone feel stupid with your remarks, or in some of the cases above, flat-out tell them as much.
I just wish that the stairs could be installed insides , rather outside like the housing in Asia . The advantage of using containers for something like this is the built in load bearing structure, allowing topside decks or stacked containers or a variety of designs without having to add a lot of extra beams and posts.
I like the design, could definitely see adapting it for some kind of post and beam or other structure.

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