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Poteet Architects in San Antonio, Texas recently constructed this shipping container house for a local client to use as a tiny guest house in her artist community.
I love this excontainer design ( except the colour !)It just goes to show how easy it is to make these containers into an exciting and novel place to live.Somewhere to let the designer in you let loose. The green roof alredy does a lot for insulation of the top area, in moderate climates 2 inch thick cork slabs glued to the liteira walls would probably be more than enough. I would encourage anyone to learn to weld, its an awsome skill that will pay on spades but this is a medium to advanced welder project – something you might take on after 1 year or so of practice on smaller jobs. Please remember welding is a skilled trade and custom, potentially structural modification – like the green roof is NOT a project to learn on. The largest we use here in the UK is 40 feet long and they are commonly converted into Buiding Site Offices, club houses etc. Wow, that WaterMill condensation device on the Ecopod site is interesting, as long as you can get an offgrid model. A recent study found that Bamboo flooring had three times the embodied energy of Concrete in Denver markets. Designing and building your own home using shipping containers can be a fun and financially rewarding experience. PLANNING AND PREPARATIONNow that you've got some ideas about what's achievable with shipping containers, it's time to consider some other important factors.
BudgetingUnexpected expenses are typical for constructions costs and professional fees, even when you've planned well, but doing your homework and sticking to a budget can minimise the damage.
Having modifications done to containers on-site can be costly, so investigate your options for having modifications completed off-site.It is also wise to know the relevant codes you will have to contend with. Take advantage of existing greenery to reduce wind chill and heat loss in winter or to create shade in summer. The positioning of the building can have a big impact on energy efficiency and ongoing heating and cooling costs.
Create a Floor Plan and Site LayoutOnce you've decided how many rooms you want (bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, living areas) determine the rough area of each and start sketching! Once you've completed some layouts you're happy with, you can use 3D modeling software to bring your design to life and get a better idea of how your new home will look. The modern and innovative ideas of building homes from shipping containers are taking the world by storm. Amazing and exciting possibilities of these shipping containers include luxury shops, offices, bars, daycare centers, classrooms, container cities, terrain cabins and luxury homes.

The top five shipping container houses voted to be the most beautiful and smart are the Four Room House in Belgium, Zigloo Domestique in Canada, Cove Park in the UK, Ross Steven House in Wellington, New Zealand and Manifesto House in Curacavi, Chile. These shipping containers are 75% recycled by weight, can be assembled within a day, flexible, mobile and efficient. Shipping containers are a readily available resource for building because they are usually abandoned by shipping companies. Jim Poteet opened the office with the hope that the firm could further the sustainable revitalization of downtown San Antonio. I researched this as an option my only concern is the ventilation, my suggestion is to make sure you have plenty window that open and a good air exchange system Does a metal container have a greater chance of be struck by lightening? Although it does not rot or degrade, when soaked it looses a lot of it’s insulation capability and in freezing climates it just cracks to pieces. As the cost of housing and building materials continues to increase, and the concept of up-cycling is more readily embraced, people all over the world are turning to the humble shipping container to cut their building costs. John Robertson, received much support from local residents when his plan to build a home-based office using 3 shipping containers was reported on by the Sunshine Coast Daily last year.
Planning and preparation is key to successfully building your home, in terms of structural stability, but also in terms of budget, functionality, timeframe, ongoing costs and council approval.Space and FunctionalityGet clear on what you want from your home. Make a list of all the professional services you may require and make some phone calls to get an idea of cost. These shipping containers that have been around for decades are primarily used for freight shipping.
The clever idea of using steel shipping containers to build houses have spread widely across the world. They are always ready to improvise and invent exciting designs for shipping container homes even the unimaginable ones. The owner enjoys the shipping container house for its uncluttered, sunlit appeal and the wonderful blue color. The architects mounted the container on recycled telephone poles, and the floor and walls were covered with bamboo. The firm’s portfolio of completed work includes residential, commercial and institutional projects, but is perhaps best known for the sensitive adaptive reuse of existing buildings and a fresh, rigorous approach to modern interior design.
It is also 100% natural, durable, resistant to practily any weather conditions and is nice looking too. Not only are shipping containers cheap, strong and durable, they also allow for interesting design opportunities, drawing the attention of architects looking to work with a less conventional material.

Build it to last and work with suppliers you trust to deliver excellent service and a top quality product.For quality shipping containers and reliable, personal service, speak with Premier Box Shipping Containers. The largest container city in the world is in Keetwonen, Amsterdam used for student housing. They can be fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen, balcony, living room, bedroom, huge windows for ample daylight and scenic view and have efficient heating and ventilation systems. The limitless potential of shipping containers homes provide plenty of room for creativity and discovery. Sliding doors, windows, heating, air conditioning and an 8 foot by 4 foot bathroom with a composting toilet and red sheet metal walls were also added.
Robertson stated that it was sometimes necessary to explore different methods of construction to assist costs, echoing the sentiment of many-an-architect both here and overseas. To request a quote for shipping containers online, click here, or call 1800 601 194 to discuss your requirements and receive advice from a true shipping container professional.
A garden storage room was also added at the end of the container, which retains its original access doors. Other luxurious decors are also greatly possible, the walls can be insulated, accessories like a pool can be added and external walkways can be connected. A patio with a cantilevered overhang was added to the front of the house and a rooftop garden with a drip system was installed by Madrone Landscape Architecture.
Maybe you're looking to build your own home and have decided you want to try something new and different while working within the constraints of a tight budget.
These are why shipping containers are innovative ideas for a range of homes from disaster relief shelters to luxury condominiums and vacation homes.
Maybe you've seen a few images online of amazing homes, only to be blown away when you found out they were built from shipping containers. Shipping containers can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations, so how much space you need and what the space will be used for will determine how many containers you need and how they will be placed.
Container city 1 was built within 5 months in 2001 with 20 containers providing 15 residential units. Due to the popular demand, these cities have been expanding by stacking more and more containers.

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