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If you have specific questions about building materials or designs please send me an email through this contact form here.
Studio H:T's Shipping Container House is, unsurprisingly, a house made partially from shipping containers - and one that operates entirely off-grid. Studio H:T's Shipping Container House is, unsurprisingly, a house made from shipping containers - at least partially. But two containers flank this central living space on either side, and these make up the Shipping Container House's bedrooms and home office spaces - as well as the kitchen judging by the interior photography.
If the Shipping Container House does indeed constitute an entirely off-grid abode then this is the design's main achievement - incorporating passive (i.e. Power is provided by a pellet stove (so though the house may be off-grid, it isn't entirely self-sufficient) and on-site photovoltaic solar power.
Previously on Gizmag, and potentially of interest to the container-inclined, the Port-a-bach shipping container mobile home, APHIDoIDEA's 65-container education center plan, and Tsai Design's shipping container classroom. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call LOT-EK one of the original pioneers of shipping-container prefab.
Structurally, the MDU is a fully-functional, sturdy, and thoughtfully-constructed unit that combines both engineering prowess with design sensibility.
LOT-EK’s MDU is a great example of a singular prefab unit with far-reaching implications for larger-scale housing solutions. Lot-ek first gained our attention with their recycled airplane fuselage library that generated a lot of excitement on Inhabitat back in 2006. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
Container house, View Container house, Liming Product Details from Foshan Nanhai Liming Color Steel Plate Profile Co., Ltd.

People have evolved a great deal over the past 50 years and the trend of exponential change is continuing.
The taller central section (which is clearly wedge-shaped in plan view) is not a container. The built-in furniture based system facilitates domestic functions from cooking and eating to more private spaces, storage, and leisure.
Multiple MDU’s can be stored tiered steel racks that integrate elevators, stairs, power, data, water, and sewage systems to create a sort of plug-in-house infrastructure for the individual modules. Combine that with colorful aesthetics, clean lines, and the reuse of industrial materials, and we’re sold. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It also appears some form of exterior cladding has been applied to the containers themselves in an additional effort to mitigate solar heating.
As far as the interior goes, the space is divided into three sub-volume spaces to accommodate social, entertainment, and private functions. No, this specially-constructed space houses the living and dining areas, with some storage space above.
The potentially rigid space is actually quite hospitable, combining a long horizontal window in each of the sub-volumes with natural and brightly-colored plywood interior surfaces and fluorescent lighting. Some people buy large houses made of concrete, steel and glass to reinforce their social positions and others choose something different. Side Panel: Galvanized steel sheet, long-lasting seal welded steel construction(same as shipping container body)6. Roof Panel: Galvanized steel sheet, long-lasting seal welded steel construction(same as shipping container body)7.

Old cargo containers now serve as a part of a home or even the entire home for some people.While shipping container homes are certainly an option, no one should rush into a decision. Because of the container’s shape and nature, there isn’t a a wide range of possibilities for decorating.
The interior features wood paneling on the walls, which provides a feeling of warmth and comfort.View in gallery View in galleryView in galleryBold combinations of colors and materials make this structure a fine place to hang out and enjoy the surrounding landscape. New Jersey architect Adam Kalkin designed and built his own house from recycled shipping containers. You could say that this is a “house in a house,” because inside the massive building are smaller individual components that look like rooms in a traditional house. It’s not a traditional house for sure, but what is it?  It has bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and a kitchen so it fulfills our modern needs, but what about aesthetics? This maritime shipping container home was born from the idea of using industrial elements that can be easily assembled in a very short period of time. To deal with the special limitations imposed by the predetermined size of the containers, they stacked the containers on top of one another. The cold metal industrial style has been dramatically softenedwith bright, vivid colors and modern furniture.
Wonderful design and a great living space!Shipping Container Conversion by building Lab Inc.View in galleryDesigner Stephen Schouptook advantage of shipping containers when it came time to build a space for his expanding company. Environmental and sustainability concerns convinced him to opt for an unusual way to create the additional work area.

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