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Now shipping containers are being repurposed into stylish homes that developers plan to roll out in housing-crunched communities across Canada. A three-storey development in Vancouver's poorest neighbourhood uses just 12 of the millions of containers decommissioned after a life on the sea of five to 10 years. What started as a pilot project on the Downtown Eastside is expanding in the city -- and the same model is set to be stacked up in aboriginal communities in British Columbia, Alberta and Nunavut. She said she often has to dispel misconceptions with people who ask questions like: "Isn't it cold? Abbott said the containers are built with high-grade steel that is much stronger than wood, and more than one can be fused together to create multi-bedroom suites. From the front, the narrow three-storey container development is a modern complex with large windows, but from the side, you can see the ridged steel of what was once a shipping container.
The project, completed in 2013, was Canada's first development of recycled shipping containers and the spaces are so in-demand that a second complex is being planned a few blocks away.
The concept is quintessentially Vancouver, where the overheated real estate market has forced creative housing solutions in small spaces. But Abbott said the idea is catching on in communities across Canada where suitable housing is direly needed. Her agency is looking at building container developments on six or seven reserves across the country, with help from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. Abbott said the next development will likely be on First Nations land near Tofino, on Vancouver Island, and she is working on choosing the next site in Alberta, from a number of interested First Nations. She is also in discussions with leaders of an Inuit settlement in Baker Lake, Nunavut, which gets almost all of its supplies shipped with containers that are never returned, because it's cheaper to build new in China than return them. Abbott said Atira is looking at reserves, because there are ongoing issues of housing shortages on many reserves. Gordon Price, a civic issues expert and former Vancouver councillor who now directs the City Program at Simon Fraser University, said he's skeptical of the benefits.

He said he can't see the savings being significant enough to make it worthwhile, because there are many other key expenses, particularly land costs. As part of her agreement to live in the building, she mentors at-risk women under 24 who are being housed in single-room accommodation next to her building. Photo shows a house made from 4 shipping containers on August 29, 2013 in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province of China.
Dining out isn’t always about high-end, expensive meals or trendy menus of updated comfort foods. The brainchild of Chef Cam Dobranski and co-owner Matt Leslie, Container Bar is squeezed into an alley between Winebar and Brasserie, also his restaurants. Walk through the haze from sizzling meat on hot rocks as you get seated for an old-school fondue dinner at the kitschy, cabin-like Grizzly House in Banff.
What started out as a roadside fruit stand back in 1973 is now a hodgepodge of different culinary experiences, complete with goats on the roof.
Shipping containers are all the rage these days, mostly transformed into bars, dining spaces and even homes. The only thing more romantic than a lakeside or beachside dinner is dinner right over water. A 285-square-foot suite home with an ocean view, in-suite washer-dryer, kitchen and private bathroom. Developers in Canada are planning to repurpose shipping containers to build homes in communities across Canada.
Sometimes, it is fun to eat at places where the attraction is a unique draw other than the expected, whether it be an out-of-the-box (or as you will see, in-the-box) location, or an eccentric theme.
Not only can you order some amazing beverages and specialty gin cocktails out on the patio on a hot summer day, you can order dishes like crispy pig ears, salted chicken skin and duck wings from the shortlisted menu, catered by none other than the sister restaurants next door. Not only is it hard to say no to bread, meat and vegetables bathed in melted cheese; the entire dining experience is bizarrely intriguing.

Located inside of an old bread factory, tourists and locals flock there for a trip back in time – and some good food to go with it. Sure, the meal comes with song and dance, but the nostalgic 80’s buffet is really what has everyone talking.
Unlike the Container Bar in Calgary, Muvbox in Montreal is a fully functional restaurant operating out of what is essentially a portable, fold-up box. Chez Sophie is a French restaurant located on Winnipeg’s Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge over the Red River. The inside is a bit of a hot mess (graffiti on the walls, pictures and memorabilia everywhere) but it surely has character.
Here are some quirky restaurants across the country that offer something a little different from your predictable cookie-cutter dining establishments.
Earls owns the entire building, and there is a little something for everyone: restaurant, lounge, micro-brewery and market. It’s probably the only place on the planet still serving dishes like Mushrooms Neptune and Chicken Brochette. Story has it that they were supposed to be a temporary way to “mow” the grass on their green roof, but now, they reside there permanently.
There are two different Muvbox concepts in the city: one offering lobster rolls and one doing porchetta sandwiches, both open daily from May to September in Old Montreal. Whether you are dining in or picking up some food and wine to make dinner at home, it’s worth swinging by. Just make sure you visit its “Sur le Pont” location, and not its bistro and pizzeria counterpart, or you might think this was all a bunch of lies.

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