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Recycled metal cargo containers could plug the housing gap by providing affordable accommodation. Architects in London are offering the converted cargo holds as cheap apartments, which are easy to build and transport.
The government plans to build thousands of pre-fabricated houses in the capital so public sector workers are not forced to leave London because of rising house prices. The container homes could be put up on spare land in city centres, said James Pichard of architects Cartwright Pickard.
The homes could meet changes in housing demand, said Dickon Robinson of the Peabody Housing Trust. The charity was given planning permission to keep 36 units at the former scrap metal yard for five years.

French President Francois Hollande warns against attempts to disrupt Euro 2016 with strike action, as the football tournament prepares for its opening match.
Home Extension in Hamilton, 1930’s House Renovation As Seen on 7Two   Would you like to chat? However they were on a restricted budget and realised that they could not afford to do everything they would have liked to have done.During lengthy discussions through our Lifestyle Assessment verbal advice service, we explored a number of different options.
This option actually limited the amount of renovation required and worked perfectly with the site restriction which included a Queenslander home at the front and a narrow driveway for access to the back. As mentioned there was an existing swimming pool that unusually had been built diagonally across the backyard.
A wonderful advantage of this design is that a reasonable amount of the pool is shaded by the new structure, making this perfect for swimming in the heat of the day, where other more exposed pools are often rendered unusable.The extension was designed as a metal clad pavilion with the view to creating a planned contrast to the existing structure.

The bedrooms and bathrooms were relocated to the rear of the home to better suit the lifestyle needs of the owner’s and their children. The blending of spaces between the original home and the newly added renovation is perfect, with the owner’s goals being well and truly achieved. The only variation in fact was to do with the incorporation of some extra storm water drainage at the side of the existing house.Whenever we have clients who are on a strict budget we look for all possible ways to reduce their costs. This can sometimes be done via working our contracts to accommodate any work, or goods, that the owner can supply.

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