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Council approval of shed construction, inspections of finished dimensions and septic tanks are another cost which will add up.
A few councils around Perth are using "Nearmap" as it is updated at least monthly and is supposed to be better than google earth for overhead detail. The country shire I used to live in (Chittering Shire) got pretty upset with people living in dodgy sheds with even dodgier sewerage, or open cesspits- so brought in the rule that you could only live in the shed if you had a house under construction, septics tank system had to be hooked up and approved before moving into your shed, 12 months to get walls up, another 12 to lockup. Thing is now you buy a shed that looks like a house, if it looks more like a house than a shed then who cares? The 20FT container cabin is the most cost effective portable building to transport in the world.

We also hold a rail license which enable us to transport to your closest rail depot, to save huge amounts in transport costs.
Our company has spent two years redeveloping our building systems to ensure the rail approval and to give the client the most competitive price Australia wide. All other portable buildings companies can only shift their units on road, which is extremely expensive.
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