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Say if you bought two or three containers and sited them together, lengthwise to make a largish dwelling, then add a traditional roof to make it look like a house.
You could probably do something interesting with a few containers in the back of a house for storage -- even bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen, opening onto a nice open space living area to balance the narrowness of the container areas.
Just wondering if you or anyone reading this would happen to know where the best deals on containers are in melbourne?
The well known Australian architect Sean Goodsell came up a while back with this nifty container house.
Modified shipping container homes are getting increasingly popular and desired by many people. One of these impressive modified shipping container homes is the Zigloo Domestique Shipping Container House Project. Designed by Keith Dewey who is an industrial designer and completed after 36 months, the house is a marriage between residential apartment and industrial complexes.
The 2000 sq ft single family home is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with adequate living space.
The basement is made up of recreation rooms and the laundry, ground floor consists of the living space and the first floor, the bedrooms.
As with some modified shipping container homes, this house was modified at the site of the construction.
The external walls of the modified shipping container home is painted with  industrial enamel high gloss paint.
The interior walls were fitted with  insulation and drywalls, the basement floors filled with concrete and living space and flooring made with bamboo. To conserve energy and reduce power consumption, low wattage lighting and energy saving appliances were installed, while heating was through an in-floor mechanism.
Modified shipping container homes are often designed with a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes.

Two 40-foot-long and one 20-foot-long shipping containers, low-maintenance landscaping and passive solar design, complete this beautiful, steel prefabricated home.
This prefab Mobile Dwelling Unit (MDU) is constructed from one recycled shipping container and various sub-volumes that extrude along its side, providing living and working spaces as well as storage. This beautiful steel home is the showroom of Infiniski – An architecture firm that constructs prefab houses from used shipping containers, pallets and bottles, recycled iron and aluminum, old train rails, recycled wood and more.
See what you can do with eight used shipping containers stacked on a residential lot; Keith Dewey constructed his own prefab home by combining standard containers with style and design. The Conhouse (container + house) offers the benefits of mobility, modularity and prefabrication in customized, small-size housing container units. The All Terrain Cabin (ATC) is a small prefab home based on a structure of a standard ISO shipping container and outfitted with Canadian design and technology – A traveling showcase venture by a collective of designers and businesses to raise international awareness of Canadian design and ingenuity.
Located on a riverside plot, this prefab home is made from two 20′ shipping containers, which are slid past one another by 6 feet.
This prefab container home is made from one 20′ shipping container that has two doors.
Here is our favorite selection of the best-selling prefab home books, completed with stunning pictures, detailed house plans and full of inspiration. You could "bury" one in a big hole, pour your slab over the top with a spiral stairway or ladder down into your container.
A good example of a modern open space is the beautiful Wheatsheaf House designed by exciting young architect Jesse Judd in Victoria.
I am building in a small rural town, classed 'township' for my block.Yes I think it would be a pretty tough one to get through council. To build this, Keith had to use 8 shipping containers stacked on top of each other up to 3 levels. To reduce the sharp angles in the home, the roofs were made of shallow barrel-vaulted roofs.
Also, given that their spaces are often fully utilized, there’s little or no room for space wastage.

For instance, during the construction of this home, the amount of wood used was about one quarter the size of what would have been used for conventional homes.
Keith Dewey, owner and designer of, considers prefabrication as the holy grail of the building industry. The interior of the container and the sub-volumes are prefabricated entirely out of plywood and plastic coated plywood. Adele, Northwest of Montreal, this steel, prefab home has been built from seven shipping containers, which are insulated by 5” of Soya urethane insulation and wooden cladding. These recycled clear-span, 20” steel box frames, are delivered by truck and lifted in place by crane or forklift. The units surround a central area, and like a satellite they spread out, expanding the master volume. The Conhouse can grow or contract depending on the actual spatial needs of its occupants so you could enjoy it as a weekend home in the mountains or an urban rooftop apartment. It’s an independent project by two very talented brothers, Paul and Scott Stankey, from northern Minnesota.
When Murray talksabout cost per sq metre, you should really be comparing it with a shed, not with areal house - because that is what a container is, a steel shed. Models range from a small guest house or studio to a three bedroom house with two full baths, organized around a central courtyard. It has no insulation, nocavity to place the insulation in, no electrical or plumbing and no cavity to install themin.
It is not even very strong - acontainer is designed to bear weight in the corners, but it won't take much force onthe roof.Assuming you need to install insulation etc, you are going to end up building a frameinside your container (further reducing the size) or outside (requiring expensivecladding). Your costs for doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry etc isn'tgoing to be any less than for conventional construction and the dimensions are reallydifficult to work with.

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