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The house contains some environmental sensibilities like the green roof, which allows any grey water to be reused for the roof plants. The brightly-colored theme from the outside continues on the inside, especially in the bathroom where the walls have been finished in a bright red. Oddly, the interior space does not seem to have a dedicated bedroom area, but perhaps the main living space is intended to double up and serve as a sleeping space too (it’s definitely big enough to). For more container homes check out this mobile shipping container that’s been transformed into a comfortable, chic home by Port-A-Bach Architects.
Minimod is container house designed by MAPA Architects, a very talented group of Brazilian architects and designers. One of the most obvious reasons why Minimod is not just another container house is its design. Sprecher home is beautiful rustic beach house designed by SAOTA in Hangklip near Cape Town in South Africa. This beautiful modern townhouse is located in Greenwich Village, precisely, Washington Place in New York. 1201 Laurel Way is gorgeous modern mansion located on the famous hills of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. House Boz is yet another impressive modern mansion designed by famous Nico van der Meulen Architects .

World of Architecture is an online blog founded in 2012 with one goal, to collect information and pictures of architectural projects around the globe and share them with the readers. Designed by Poteet Architects, the container features a range of sustainable design strategies to reduce its environmental impact and energy consumption. The exterior of the container has been painted a playful bright blue, and the architects have extended the total living space through the use of the exterior decking. The bathroom is a simple affair with an open shower and, as mentioned previously, a composting toilet.
This is aided by the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that provide both a source of natural light and ventilation. Due to the width of the container, all the furniture pieces have been arranged along the length of the building, looking outwards into the garden.
Or the 2+ Weekend House from Solvenia that’s constructed from a juxtaposition of two shipping containers. The costs to refurbish and transport just don’t add up, more so in cold climates where it makes more since to use the local resources to find needed materials. It is small mobile house where design, functionality and sustainability perfectly met in 27 square meters of modern living space and offered atmosphere like you've never experienced before. It is located in Maquine – Rio Grande do Sul, area on the atlantic coast in Southern Brazil.

Cold steel and aluminium walls are replaced with wood which is perfect for thermal insulation and gives you more possibilities when it comes to design and shaping. The house also seems to be braced at the back with what looks like a tubular steel section being fastened to one of the telephone poles. In contrast to the exterior, the interior is finished in more natural materials, with its wood-clad walls and floors. To the right of the bathroom is a large storage space that can be accessed from the outside gable end of the container. The front facade contains shading to reduce the house’s dependency on active cooling during the summer.
Until these containers become abundant to everyone, their use will remain limited to the affluent, eccentric and therefor counter to what I believe the tiny home movement represents. Minimalist approach created more living space in 27 square meters than you could ever imagine.
With prefabricated parts, Minimod is fully functionable container house that can easily be transported everywhere.

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