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We are now proud to now offer for hire our 10m x 8m ProLyte Arc Roof Stage (in the past a product of this size and standard was only available to hire from the UK). With our vast knowledge we have been asked to specify and install light and sound solutions across the island.
The 40ft shipping containers are manufactured steel shipping containers and built to a very high specification out of high tensile steel, making them extremely strong and very secure.
Jans offers its customers a unique self storage facility at its premises in Portree Industrial Estate. Each container is 8ft x 20ft, with a capacity of 33 cubic metres in the larger container, and provides clean and secure storage for your requirements. Whether you are a family moving home, a business requiring documents to be stored, or someone simply wanting additional space to store those excess household goods which are cluttering up the home, then Jans can help you. These trucks feature high performance, fast lifting speeds, excellent driver visibility, and high stacking capacity for maximum productivity in narrow aisles. You may download any image for personal or non-commercial use only.YOU MAY NOT DOWNLOAD ANY PICTURE FROM THIS WEB SITE TO BE USED ON YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK.
These new and used ISO marine shipping containers are more commonly known as shipping containers.
This Dutch truck is seen fully loaded with plastic baled pallets on a stripped down step frame trailer. This is the first series Alpha and is seen here hauling eight packs of timber safely secured with ratchet straps.
Although the truck is only 12 years old you do not see too many of them on the British roads nowadays. This restored Foden with dropside body is seen carrying boxes marked Foden just as it was about to go on a Road Run.The truck was seen at a Scammell meeting at Chatham, Kent in 2008. Total Butler is one of the distribution divisions of Total Oil delivering, petrol, diesel, kerosene and lubricants. This three wheel tractor unit is in British Railways livery and was seen at a truck meeting in Kent in 2005. This tractor unit is an ex army vehicle and has been restored as a tank transporter complete with tank. This eight wheeler has a fitted hiab and would also transport heavy plant with its hydraulic ramps. This Kent based company specialise in recycling and their brightly coloured refuse truck was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2006.
Licenced to haul up to 80 tons this truck is hauling a well loaded bulk trailer for waste disposal.
40 foot shipping containers are available for sale, either to buy or to hire either for short term renting or long term rental from all of the agents on our site. This removal van has full air suspension as can be seen with the rear of the truck lowered and front raised for easy loading. This 8 wheeled tipper is a popular model and is seen here in good order with its mirrors shielded for when its travelling down narrow country lanes. Morrisons is one of the big four supermarket chains in England and has a large fleet of trucks and trailers for its on time deliveries. The companies main base is in Rochester, Kent and this truck is seen with its load sheeted and secured with ropes and ratchet straps. This 10 year old truck is one of many trucks owned by Bardon who move concrete, aggregates and asphalte as just one part of their overall business.
This petrol tanker has a 4 x 2 day cab tractor unit and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. This Lancashire truck is hauling a P and O tri-axle curtainsider trailer and is diplaying the Lancashire rose on its livery.
It has a Cummins diesel engine and with the Bull motiffs, I would assume that its main usage would be to transport lifestock. Viridor are a Waste Management Company and this vehicle comes from their liquid waste division. This Italian logistics company has this 4 x 2 tractor displaying registration plates from Slovakia.

It can be seen here with low profile tyres on both truck and trailer to give maximum carrying capacity.
Tabern Transport who provide a road transport and freight service from their base in Merseyside. Bowmans from Mansfield do a wide variety of haulage and can be seen here hauling a full load of 1 ton sacks on pallets covered with a net  and tied down with rope for security. This new MAN model has the top of the range cab and is run by DJV, an Essex based company, who have been trading for over 30 years.
Based in Gloucester this company was started in 1946 and has a wide range of vehicles for all kinds of haulage.
Specialising in heavy haulage this truck is hauling a concrete crusher on a semi low loader Nooteboom trailer.
A typical 8 wheel tipper working on the Ebbsfleet construction site for the new Channel Railway link.
This company specialises in the global transportation of chemicals, foodstuffs, liquids and powders in containerised tanks. This is the new model Mercedes and at the time of writing is probably only a couple of weeks old.
This Kent based company supplies concrete and aggregates and the truck seen here is an eightwheel cement mixer. This is world wide company that specialises in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables This colour coded truck was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. It had been converted as a people carrier and was about to go on a shoot at a country house when photographed.
This German 4 x 2 tractor is hauling a 13 metre curtainsided  trailer and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2008. This company was formed in 2002 when two large companies in Spain merged to form SJL, an International Transport company.
This removal truck is 15 years old and has a long wheel base with a sleeper pod over the cab. This Cheshire based company is seen here with a gas tanker trailer with its lift axle raised. This customised Renault has artwork of “The Pirates of the Carribean” and with its 40ft container was seen at Swanscome, Kent in 2009.
This company is based in Macclesfield and specialises in bulk powders, bulk liquids, haulage and distribution. With three wheels it had a very good turning circle and was used for local deliveries and collections.
This truck and trailer has a self loading crane and aluminium bodies to reduce weight for extra payload. This eight wheel rigid mix and lay concrete mixer has an extra low steel bumper fitted and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. Fowler Welch is a very large fresh fruit and vegetable distributor in Spalding, Lincolnshire. This nice liveried German truck is displaying lots of custom fittings including metal headlamp guards and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009.
This Scottish company specialise in bulk liquids and their truck here is carrying a non hazardous cargo. This truck seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009 is hauling 12 packs of timber on its flatbed trailer. The truck seen here has a rolonof body for delivering and collecting waste management containers. It is seen here with its Cometto low loader trailer unhitched because it was undergoing roadside repairs as can be seen with its double drive axles raised on heavy timbers.
This drawbar and trailer unit belongs to an international removal company specialising in household and corporate moves. This company provides a range of services and the truck here is one of their refrigerated trailers. This removal truck has a sleeping pod as well as an extra long body for maximising its carrying power.

This truck is hauling a glass trailer which is just one part of this Italian companies divisions. This series 2 Globetrotter with a curtainsided trailer was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. This is a Slovenian logistics company that has daily deliveries to Great Britain, Ireland and the Benelux countries. The company started life as a refrigerated trailer haulage company but has also added removals to its business.
The Irlam tractor unit shown is hauling a Stobart trailer and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in  2009. Visbeen's core business is transporting fruit and vegetables and this tractor unit can also be seen with a raised stabilising axle. This logistical company provides warehousing and with over 400 trucks, dedicated fleet operations. The truck also has mirror shields to protect them when travelling to isolated country farms for collection.
This model is a left hand drive import on 4 axles with an extending boom and was seen in Erith, Kent in 2008. It has an easy to operate sheet that covers the load and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. This truck is seen on small wheels and tyres to increase the volume of its loads in its trailers. It had a unique Scammell auto coupling which meant the driver could drop and hitch his trailer without leaving his cab.
One of their trailers is being hauled by a sub contractor and the unit was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. It belongs to a very large national mobile crane hire company and is used to carry the heavy weights and heavy crane hardware necessary to support a cranes big lift. Longliffe are leading producers of high quality Calcium Carbonate and deliver over 4000 tons a day. The truck seen here has an extra lower solid steel bumper for off site work and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. Doing refrigerated national and international work, the truck was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009. This company, based in Humberside, is a general haulage company and can be seen here with a large crane section on its flatbed trailer.
This company with its eyecatching livery also has links with the Formula One driver, David Coulthard. It has plenty of custom features as well as hazard lights mounted on its roof enabling it to do heavy haulage work. As written on the side of the truck, the company does national and international moves and the truck was seen at Swanscome, Kent in 2009. They have over 300 glass trailers and large sheets of glass can be carried because the trailers do not have axles, allowing full height in the centre of the trailer. The truck here has an aerodynamic step frame trailer and was seen at Swanscombe, Kent in 2009.
These 40 foot used once shipping containers can be converted into offices, construction site offices, equipment stores, general stores, kitchens, washrooms, changing rooms, recording studios, accomodation units - in fact, the possibilities are endless.
As well as general haulage the company also has a  dedicated Depot Contract Distribution division. It is showing an Irish number plate, although it belongs to a local company, and is seen here parked complete with a 40ft tri-axle trailer.

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