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It's been said that there are in excess of 300 million shipping containers sitting empty at ports around the world.
It is important to check local building by-laws as  some municipalities may not have seen this application before.
Containers being retrofitted for human occupancy in an environment with extreme temperature variations will have to be better insulated than more traditionally constructed structures. Many containers have timber floors which when manufactured are treated with insecticides containing copper, chromium and arsenic- so before habitation, any wooden floors should be removed. The Foxden demonstrates a lifestyle which is both about simplicity and a sort of natural ergonomics.

Australian modular builder Modscape is all over the design blogs for a conceptual cliff house, but their real stuff is actually far more interesting.
This single module home in Tintaldra, Victoria is empty much of the time, so it is designed to be inconspicuous. This little container-cottage has the ability to be half-buried & to be completely off-the-grid. Built by industry professional Paul Horrigan and his team, the Foxden takes from best practices of container homes around the world. They are designed for proper ventilation, with a continuous ridge vent, a double roof and a cupola vent at the top.

It is another concept where the shipping container handling infrastructure is what is the big deal, not the box itself. The Den is currently wrapped in a straw blanket as it awaits character barn-board found in its next location. Designed with portability in mind this container creation can be picked up by standard tilt-and-load trailers.

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