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A design workshop for container homes in Montreal, Quebec brings together designers, architects, engineers, experts in green roofs and general contractors under the direction of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. The decision to build a container house is based on the advantages it has over traditional wood construction.
In hot countries, it is possible to create an economic habitat without having to worry about the thickness of the building’s envelope.
Therefore, in Quebec, you will not choose a container house when compared to a traditional timber frame house for its benefits regarding home insulation, lower cost, speed and versatility of construction.
Although the container house draws the attention of many people who find it beautiful in design, innovative and eco-friendly; many municipalities do not allow it and it is considered a mobile home.
The container is made of a metal shell that prevents electromagnetic waves from entering, which has the effect of reducing the phone functions.
The metal is a very powerful conductor of heat and cold that does not contribute to making a home energy efficient. It is not the majority of building contractors in Quebec that are comfortable with building a container house project. In Quebec, given the need to isolate effectively when wrapping the building, the cost of building a container house is not less than the wooden frame house.
Quebec is most known by cottage or country houses, commercial kiosks like those found in the Old Port of Montreal, which limits the construction of story houses with vegetated roofs that are modern and contemporary. It should be noted that despite all the drawbacks, the container house remains attractive and can justify your choice when used for its clear advantages in modern and contemporary design, it facilitates the roof load to accept green roofs, balconies, terraces and the piling of more containers one on top of the other.
Shipping Container Home construction has become one of the biggest home and office construction trends globally. There was much resistance to the change from the Dock Worker's Unions and shipping companies. Thus, the ISO Shipping Container was fully born, legitimate and standardized as we see it now.

So what is this incredible box that faces wind, rain, salt, typhoons, extreme weight, dropping and bumping for years? Now we have a perfect box that is strong and virtually won't rust - what else can we do with it? Almost everyone who has seen, or been inside a shipping container has thought, wow, and instant home. The ISBU shipping container has been popular in Europe, UK, Australia, China, and the US since 2005 or even before.
In 2007 some big players were in the news for their use of ISBU shipping containers commercially.
LINX - 20' shipping container redesigned to be used as temporary shelter for workers on a construction site. Interior - 20' shipping container redesigned to be used as temporary shelter for workers on a construction site. Materials - 20' shipping container redesigned to be used as temporary shelter for workers on a construction site. The team works on the conception, designs, makes the plans, and builds your container house in Quebec. The house is designed for an assembly of containers, which have the characteristics of being able to be stacked one above the other on shipping vessels. In Quebec, where temperatures carnage from -40o C to 40o C, you have to work with efficient insulating materials, such as insulation foam, which increases the cost of construction. In fact, the majority of the municipalities in Quebec does not allow the construction of container houses in the residential areas of traditional wooden houses.
You then need to call in experts in building envelope in order to overcome the problems of thermal bridges caused by the metal.
We need to find contractors who work the metal at good prices and who is ready to build in an area often away because municipalities do not allow them in all places.

The cost of transportation and handling of containers requires cranes and operators, which also increases costs. Your general web browsing experience will be much improved if you upgrade for free to Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome.
Several criteria must be considered for the design of a container house such as location, insulation, use, design and cost. Its ability to support heavy loads on top makes it possible to design homes with roofs that can withstand heavy loads such as green roofs.
People looking for an energy efficient home such as a “Passive House”; normally hire contractors, construction experts, engineers and architects to work on the building’s envelope due to the thickness of the outer walls. Its construction method, which requires a special coating, allow it to resist the loss of heat.
Thus, it is wrong to claim that in Quebec, it is easier and it saves money by building a container house. Building a container house has advantages and disadvantages that must be objectively taken into account.
In the case of container houses, since the interior space is limited, it will be necessary to isolate from the outside to prevent restriction of the limited space available inside. In addition, it is often necessary to require a manufacturing factory to prepare the containers prior to assembly in the field. Whereas, a design of green roof on a traditional wooden house is more difficult and expensive because it is necessary to provide beams and membranes.

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