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Green Container Building Designs One of 5 total Photographs Eco Green Container Designs with Modern and Minimal Landscaping. At the following are 5 digital imagery delineating the "Green Container Building Designs" story, including the digital imagery you’re recently observing earlier at above. Given the planet’s excess of shipping containers and shortage of affordable housing it only makes sense that people would make the connection. Thousands buildings made of shipping containers are today being uses for offices, stores, restaurants and private residences. The Slovenian architectural firm of Jure Kotnik Arhitekt specializes in shipping container construction. Container City, by the Trinity Buoy Wharf on the Thames, might be the most famous example of shipping container architecture. To the extent there are activists who promote building houses out of shipping containers their goal is for such housing to be truly accessible to the masses and not merely the subject of blogs like Spot Cool Stuff.
The 26 meter (85 foot) high Freitag Shop is not only the world’s tallest building made of shipping containers, it is the tallest building in Zurich of any sort!
Containers homes are a fast, economical and flexible alternative of traditional homes as they provide modern dwellings for any households’ size from individual to family and community housing.
Good are provided beneficial information building houses out of shipping containers their goal is for such housing to be truly accessible to the masses and not merely the subject of blogs like Spot Cool Stuff.
The Cashel Mall, badly damaged in New Zealand’s Christchurch earthquake Feb 2011 has been reopened today with shipping container shops and cafes etc.
Given all the economic and housing problems, it’s refreshing to see an affordable alternative can be made in such creative fashions.
A nice profile of some good container architecture projects, thanks for taking the time to put this together. The Puma store is actually dismantled and rebuilt at all of the stops on the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009, and it?s transported to each location (Alicante, Boston, Stockholm) and assembled quickly.
Whether fully functional, or in the latter stages of concept, it would be hard to overlook Puma City, the footwear maker’s traveling showroom. Clearly, we’ll have to publish a review of 5 more cool container buildings in the not too distance future. Good article, I saw project container house from Redondo Beach, California that is super fantastic and makes containers look like real architecture! There are certainly enough cool container houses out there that we plan to feature five more sometime in the future. SPOTCOOLSTUFF Design reviews furniture, cool architecture, personal accessories and a cadre of high design items with a WOW! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As the crowning exhibit at this year’s West Coast Green conference, the Harbinger House is an incredible exercise in sustainable architecture. Built to withstand the test of time while traversing the globe, shipping containers are an intrepid green builder’s dream.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. In France, in the North, a company is also expanding into the production of container houses. I was stationed in Afghanistan just a few months ago, and all of our rooms were made out of conex boxes (shipping containers). Where does one get validated equivalents for thermal insulation, fire spread, and wind resistance?
Platoon, a rather mysterious creative consulting agency based out of Berlin and Seoul, conceived the Gwangju center as an industrial, wide open space with plenty of room to display art. You’ve seen them on trains, on the back of trucks, at ports and piled onto cargo ships. Its 1,000 units were initially built in 2005 to provide five year’s worth of temporary student housing.
Their product is similar to Port-A-Bach’s and can be bought for as little as C$26,650 (roughly US$21,500). The Freitag messenger bag company built this store from 17 used shipping containers to emphasize how their products, too, are made from recycled material. Just tell us about your specification and see how we change steel containers in to your beautiful home.
I’d been aware of the efforts to create low-cost housing from shipping containers in vancouver, but these are really something else!
One question, does anyone know where I can get the engineer certification for these storage containers. Composed of five recycled shipping containers, the home features a durable steel envelope that is capable of withstanding hurricanes in Florida and earthquakes in California. The exterior features high-performance glazing and Integrity windows that provide excellent insulation and require less energy to manufacture than traditional windows.
The durable ready-made shells are a readily available and offer exciting possibilities for prefabricated architecture.
The final home was selected from 11 potential designs created by architects at the Lawrence Group. There more than 20 million of those steel 40 by 8 feet (12 by 2.4 meter) boxes scattered around the world. The life expectancy of this complex of buildings has already been pushed back to 2016 and it wouldn’t surprise us to see Keetwonen as a mainstay of Amsterdam housing long after that. We at Giant Container Sales offer you best quality, best space, secure Container House in affordable price.
The reason I ask is I plan on using one for a storage shed but need to prove to town council it will meet or exceed our Canadian building code for garages and carports. A paragon of sustainability, the Harbinger house also features FSC-certified woods, solar panels, rainwater recycling, and an Agilewaves resource monitoring system.

All of the wood finishes throughout the house are FSC Certified, and the home’s interior features an eclectic mix of sustainably sourced furniture by ecofabulous. By working with ConGlobal Industries, SG Blocks is able to source containers from depots nearest to the destination site and then fabricate them on the spot. Being there in the summer (temps 125) and the winter (temps -10), they were very comfortable. The container units meet all of Amsterdam’s housing regulations and are extremely popular among students—each unit has surprisingly soundproof walls as well as its own bathroom, kitchen and balcony.
But the Jure Kotnik containers have all the electrical wiring and plumbing connections built in, making it possible to construct a 2+ Weekend House extremely quickly. The other containers are used for storage and for the staircase that takes visitors to a viewing platform at the very top of the building.
They would like to know how much snowfall and wind it will withstand, …silly I know, after seeing where these are used. Designed by the Lawrence Group, the prefab was fabricated in a month and assembled on-site in just 4 hours and 47 minutes! The same local skilled workers who repair the containers are hired to repurpose them into house modules, which can then be easily shipped on trains.
Connected to that by a skywalk is Container City II where multi-colored containers, five high in some spots, criss-cross at interesting angles. Their holiday home product is designed to be self contained (pun?) with walls that fold up.
The Harbinger house, complete with all of its bells and whistles ran about $150 psf, and the Lawrence Group estimates that its shipping container prefabs will run roughly 15% cheaper than comparable stick-built homes. A container house can be built, on average, 40% faster than a comparably sized traditional house. Container City are especially popular with artists who can rent a container home for as little as ?250 a month (though the containers in the prime locations and with the best windows go for as much as ?1,500). The idea is the these container homes can be transported anywhere with relative ease and be inhabited without any electricity or plumbing hookup. You speak with so significantly authority, so significantly spirit, I feel as though youve absolutely hit the nail on the head.
And then there’s the environmental benefit of putting surplus containers to use instead of letting them slowly rust in a landfill.
To visit Container City yourself take the tube to Tower Hill Station then the Docklands Light Rail to the East India Station. Please keep brining us much more simply because we require much more of your form of blogger.

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