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Adam Kalkin’s container house has been an inspiration to many and Adam has gone on to build several more container homes.
From our understanding this is used as a single home, but as you can see it would work very well for dual occupancy. 9 x 40ft shipping containers and concrete were used to build this container home by Adam Kalkin. The biggest benefits of Adam’s container house we can see is the split dwelling allows for dual living, large families or just one part of the house for entertaining and the other for resting and living.
Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house. The construction of these houses is the factory and the houses are then assembled on a dry site. Used containers arrive in quantity from China, and they do not leave blank, many remain in Europe. These container houses are good examples of beautiful houses, house modern house cube … These homes are primarily containers assemblies and style follows.

Build a small house can reduce construction costs, and the container is also quite economical to this view. Plans, designs and drawings are neat – but in action photographs is where we see the real wonder of shipping container home construction.
Designed by architects Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez – and appropriately set in an industrial part of a southern French city – this amazing container structure was, as you can see from the photos, assembled piece by piece on site after each shipping container unit was taken there by truck (after being shipped many times before by both land and sea vehicles). Strangely enough, DIY used shipping container house plans have become so popular that there is a growing shortage in areas in terms of the used containers themselves – but for those able to find and buy them locally the actual building process is much cheaper and easier than most kinds of construction. For folks not interested in the interesting process of actually starting their own cargo container homes from scratch, there has also been a corresponding increase in shipping container homes for sale – the flip-side of the used container supply shortage. Interior of this green off-the-grid shipping container home provides cozy living space, in combination with beautiful mountain view this make the container house a very comfortable retreat place. The main living area includes two 40 ft shipping container units that saddlebag a wedge shaped space. The price of land, the price of construction, finishes … An expensive and time consuming to implement together. Self build container is an easy to implement solution using an architect can be a more qualitative approach.

While modular construction is not new, the use of 40-foot shipping container is fairly new. Building becomes as easy as stacking giant modular metal LEGOs – prefabricated, pre-cut cargo containers already sized, scaled and structured to be transported. Pictures, plans and other building resources are also becoming more and more available in the industry. Various green technologies were used in the project: solar water heating, passive cooling, pellet stove heating, green roof and others. The shipping containers hold the function of office, bedrooms, kitchen, bath and laundry while the center space is used for living, dining and entry. The upper floor space is an open loft with a movable platform bed that can slide on tracks outdoors allowing to enjoy the beauty of starry sky at night and as a reference to the quintessential camping experience.

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