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Back in 2009 we were stoked to see plans for the Box Office, a building of 12 offices built from 32 shipping containers in Providence, Rhode Island.
The design for the Box Office emerged after the economy degraded and the client realized he didn’t have the budget for the brand new, uber green office building of his dreams.
Distill Studio, led by Joe Haskett, held many design charrettes and planning meetings with all the pertinent people and consultants at the table. Besides using cost-effective recycled shipping containers, energy efficiency was a high priority. If you want to learn more about the design process, check out this great interview with Joe Haskett of Distill Studio over at Core77.
How to build your own emergency water filter (with, How to build your own emergency water filter. How to build a shipping container house total off grid, How to build a shipping container house you would like to live in. ISO Containers are constructed to accommodate up to 60,000 lbs of cargo each, and are typically stacked, loaded, up to 9 high on Container Ships. Corner FittingsWith the aid of inter-connecting blocks, containers are stacked and connected at the Corner Fittings.

Fork PocketsAll 20’ Containers are equipped with Fork Pockets, spread 68” apart (inside to inside). Lock BarsThe Double Doors of a container are fitted with four Lock Bars, each of which can be pad-locked. Door SealsAll Containers are equipped with double seals around the doors making them “weather and rodent tight”. VentsContainers are equipped with 2 or more Vents to provide minimal air flow, and to prevent sweating. Now that it's complete, we're excited to revisit the project and see new images of the bright and colorful office space. He and the architects of Distill Studio went back to the drawing board to come up with a more budget-friendly design and ended up working with shipping containers. These interdisciplinary design meetings allowed the team to come up with the dynamic design you see now with 12 offices varying in size, cantilevered conference rooms and outdoor walkways and staircases.
This included the use of high performance, non-petroleum insulation, doors and windows to minimize heat loss in and out of the office spaces. The Containers may also be lifted by the Corner Fittings by attaching chains or straps through them.

Some New, “One-Trip”, 40’ Containers are similarly equipped, but most Used 40’ Containers do not have Fork Pockets. However, if upholstered or cloth items are being stored inside the container care should be taken to keep the air inside dry by using buckets of desiccant, or silica tablets to wick the humidity out of the air, as the Vents do not provide enough air flow to prevent mildewing. Designed by Distill Studio and developed by Truthbox, the Box Office is more than just a great example of shipping container architecture -- it also features high-performance insulation, windows and doors and energy-efficient climate control. Numerous cut windows pull daylighting into the space, and a large canopy in the center of the building protects the inner courtyard and shades the space in the summer. We're happy to hear that over 75% of the office spaces have been leased out since it opened in 2010. If you want to keep your land safe from the messy thing of the soil, you can have the garden box to be the media where you can plant your plantation. The plantation can be flowers or other green plantation you might wanna have for your house.

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