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We went out to the legendary Bellworks Labs in Humboldt NJ for a mini Maker Faire where the PRS was having the first exhibition race to help local new and old teams tune up their rides. Midway through a fun day shooting the FUBAR Labs Power Racer Series team in New Brunswick NJ, Rob and I got to take a few cars out for laps.
Bad cell phone photo of me… not to be mistaken for picture by me but just to illustrate that I want to have fun too! Beginning of 2016, I’ll be partnering with Agency Access to do promotional legwork and planning. Question is, where do I focus on the promotion… advertising, corporate or editorial and even then how much more focused will we go.
We went to Maine, this wasn’t the first time I let Max hold a camera, but the last time he was sitting on a bed, not on the beach near the water. I’m a few weeks off of bringing home a new camera, likely the Canon 5DS over the Sony A7RII. Another set of close ups from DP review, this time at 6400ASA, a more likely top end for me. And one more test group, because rarely do I shoot anywhere outside of 100-400 ASA, as I mentioned, I’m a user of strobe as a primary lights source, people use me for my particular style so why would I start shooting available light portraits at 6400 ASA? I can’t help but to notice my last blog posting reached and converted almost 4x more than the last FB promo and converted 16x more than the last.
After a bit of a hiatus, I have returned to my blog, with a backlog of material to fill in and release.
Though the shoot had four main images to be composited into to three final images that would rotate on the site, there were oodles of selfies that had to be taken to fill in the quadrants on the phone screens and to be scattered in various places on the website.
For the record, this is my 95% smiley face happy edit, look at the ads in the previous post to see OOVOO’s selections to their concept. A whole lot of pictures in pictures was the plan… action packed week of production and  location shooting made this one up. Max is sitting in his Yepp Maxi, he is older than 1 year making him legal to carry on a bike in NY and he is wearing the latest most fashionable outfit I won’t describe. Extracycle – The original, created the standards for most accessories, makes a frame extender kit or a frame.
Yuba Mundo – Very reasonable and super cargo capacity probably due to the oversized rear axle.
Kona Ute – The only one that uses a 29er wheel, high center of gravity reasonably priced, just went back into production after two years off. The original post:  Breakfast for lunch  just in case you are super curious and want to see more. Fun, outgoing, athletic, stylish and handsome.  That’s my boy!  You should see him roll over! Two major teams I have already worked with were there and a few new entries below working out the quirks in their new cars. After ping pong and Cocktails I found myself playing with clay feeling inspired for something a little retro. Mr Bill is back!
From the set design side, a little snow might have been nice but if it had snowed I probably wouldn’t have been able to get these guys to drive over to the TransCanada power plant in Queens NY for a photoshoot either.
The beginning, a potential revamping of my identity, promos and some edits to my website, compiling new target lists and calls will start again. It seems as though I have become rather focused in the past decade but it may become more narrow for the purpose of the campaign.
Max is Max, of course he should have a wolf suit and of course it should be furry and soft and he should get pizza and dirt on it to make it authentic. A few days a week, he gets to run errands with me, indulge in my cookie addiction and see the sights of NYC.

The fun part about getting this was that we had to run back and forth to try and stay in the frame as Max shot away, having the time of his life and not paying much attention to where he was aiming. I decided to do some testing of my own so I really know what I’m getting for my dough. First impression, 5DS has more noise, more contrast and more resolution… but once again, Lighroom or Capture One would likely make that comparison moot. When my first website was posted in HTML, I populated metadata with words stripped out of a porn site to increase hits. It took about four days to shoot the groups in enough varied locations that they could be reassembled on screens without much redundancy in the talent. Here he is at 26 months, now three feet tall, walking along the beach at Lake Memphemagogg Vermont. Having recently slimmed down a bit, Elvis was ready to show the world his new image and boy did he look great.
Being aware that parenthood suddenly zaps all your free time away you may just give me a pass on that one.
Sometime about 11pm Max had his debut breath of fresh air.  Here he is right after having his footprints done thus the inky feet. Sideshow!  Take me with you!  You can pay me (David)  peanuts to brush the beetles out of the dioramas.
We ran some tests and will hopefully get some fun race shots at the big race this Sept in Queens! Not the original of course (was he ever the same twice?)I gave it my best shot I left him on the table fully intending to go back and see if someone might have mauled him well but unfortunately was directed by security before I had a chance. Sure it was cold, sure I was wearing a fur hat, down parka and mittens but these guys are snow pros!
It’s been quite a few years since I sent out anything other than social media so it will be interesting to see how things have changed. Max loves his wolf suit though it seems other kids love it even more as he becomes a big fuzzy animal toy. What surprised me most was that my existing 5DmkII really wasn’t as bad as I had assumed at the higher ratings. Only in some extreme situation would I expect one to look better than the other that extreme being full resolution use in which case the 5DS would pull ahead or extreme low light situation where the 7RII has the advantage. I was digging through a box of chromes today cleaning off a shelf and ran into originals from this set. It was a bit of a joke to me at least, thinking people might go there for #boobs and find a bald fat guy in a nasty wifebeater playing guitar on the toilet.
We discussed shooting the images with an actual smartphone but shutter lag and the inability to sync a smartphone easily with strobes made it impractical. The shot list was pretty packed, the producer had to watch the checklist pretty closely to be sure we had every option we needed to use each person on the screen as a possible chat mate for each landing page scenario so things multiplied quickly.
Address changed, I decided it was time to make the small print easier for people that don’t carry around a magnifying glass with them all the time. It was a tough decision between Extracycle, Trek, Surly and Yuba but the winner came from Craigslist as the first available. We grabbed a great little Air BNB cottage on the other side of the treeline for a long weekend of much needed time outdoor. Thanks to Sophie, Sophia and Yasu for getting them all prepped for set and thanks to my crew for keeping things moving. On the other hand, if you were following me on facebook you have seen a selection of the thousands of images of Max already online.
Now why didn’t I think of handing my camera to someone instead of waiting for a bad cell phone shot.

Interesting showing up on location and having security tell you you can’t photograph the power plant, smokestacks, waterfront, barge, dock or any infrastructure. Nearing the point where my backup DSLR really is obsolete, upgrading to make my beloved 5DMKII the backup seemed like more fun than buying a new backup.
My backup camera is rather obsolete, I fear my main camera going down on a shoot, probably a time to invest again. Unfortunately scanning the originals wasn’t going to happen today for a quick post but I did have some copywork from a print on an archive drive from a decade ago.
Sure I could have probably done the lighting with Kino’s or other but the impracticality of redundant grip outweighed authenticity.
Here’s a few of the candidates that rose to the top jumbling around elements of the original ID done by Axiom. It works, the center of gravity is a bit high as Kona went with 29er wheels rather than 26″ as most manufacturers do. We shot at Elk Studios, Chelsea for the day and the wonky large Chimera seemed to do the job just fine. I invited Heidi Klum over to stand in for the test but she got a last minute booking so I had to do the test alone.
Caught up in the buzz surrounding the Sony A7RII, it seemed for a while that I might be leaning towards a platform change. This was my first big job, PSINet shot in NYC, Toronto, Hong Kong and Paris, a three week stint with five primary locations. It’s been sitting in a folder on my desktop for two years waiting, Max was born in the middle of the production so it kind of slipped my mind.
It makes mounting and dismounting a bit precarious, expecially when overloaded as I often do. The following series of images were shot with studio strobe varying the power as much as possible to maintain consistency in camera settings though I had to stop down at the high ASA end and open up a little on the low.
The prospect of buying new lenses again $$$ was enough to get me to scour the internet for reviews. I’ll post a follow up on my choice perhaps next month, though the deciding factors are as follows.
The individual shots were stripped into the stack of flat panel monitors we shot in Toronto in the second row. Otherwise, it handles like a tank, the bags hold a pile of stuff and it’s sexy as all hell. I’ll backfill a bit in a few posts then go forward again as I try and reclaim a bit of time and get things out there. What I’m really looking for is excessive noise and funky colors at the high end and creamy smooth low end. In the end, well, almost the end, It looks as though I’ll go against the flow and get the new Canon 5Ds. Bike Friday has a new cargo bike which weighs in about 10 lbs less and is about a foot shorter due to smaller wheels.
There is a default amount of color noise reduction which does make a big difference on the high ISO files but as I use it on all my files regardless I left it on. At the risk of giving my competition a trade secret or even worse, motivating them to do the same, I ask you… was it the clickbait that drew you in?
Sure it will kill my computer and stuff my server with files, but then I can crop with reckless abandon?

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