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Container homes are popping up all over the place, but not many multi-unit developments have been built from containers. Design B, or the Curve Scheme is clearly a more interesting concept architecturally, but also significantly more costly.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I recenttly was attended a conference where i met the foundersccasc of VitaEspacios, a company out of Mexico City that is changing the way containers can be used in Mexico and the US.
As many have experienced in the past few years natural disaster is becoming more of our foe than a friend.
That's definitely eco-friendly, especially design A, even though design B is a bit more aesthetic. Washington DC will soon get it’s very own apartment complex made of repurposed shipping containers.
The containers have already been precut, the workers removing cut steel panels in order to create an open space living room, kitchen and dining room in each of the units. The walls on the outside of the main living spaces will be covered by Polygal, a type of see-through plastic, which is normally used in the construction of green houses. It has not yet been revealed what the rent of these units will be, but according to the architects, their aim is to provide affordable housing and they are staying within the budget so far. A new project in Detroit will upcycle 93 shipping containers into a luxury multi-family home, aptly named The Power of Green Housing Development. The disused storage containers will be stacked to allow natural shading and outdoor areas, creating private balconies and terraces for each unit to enjoy on each floor.

The increased density of the project compared to single-family homes will make it more cost-effective. This proposed 200-unit apartment complex, designed by San Francisco-based Group 41 and their brainchild Container Nation, would use nearly 1,000 used shipping containers. I think something could actually be done like this, and I've seen a lot of uglier buildings win design contests. With a nearby shopping mall and rail access, that is even better, especially if the apartment complex provides shuttle buses to go to the train depot and shopping mall. These openings will then be replaced by windows which will measure around nine feet from floor to ceiling. The shipping containers used for his project will be stacked three levels high, with six containers per level, as well as a basement unit. With sizes from 960 to 1,920 square feet, the apartments will reach luxury status in spaciousness alone. Each unit also uses tankless water heating and ducted reverse cycle air, keeping energy costs low. The designers have developed two schemes for the Salt Lake City suburb complex and are waiting for planning approval. There will be another full-length window located opposite the mirrored wardrobe in each bedroom. Each floor will house a single apartment unit, with six bedrooms and six bathrooms in total.
Flum, the sprawling development will span four floors, and it will include 20 residences of varying size.

The residents will also have their own covered parking garage, which will run along the ground floor, with cantilevered apartment units doubling as the garage’s roof. With the power of Green Housing Development, Flum hopes to create a usable design to alleviate the disused containers. Containers in this scheme can be arranged in a more varied form, even allowing curved balconies, corridors and common spaces. The firm Equity Group LLC is behind the project, which will involve turning an existing single family home into a three-story, four-unit shipping container apartment complex. This clever positioning of windows will maximize the amount of natural daylight coming in, as well as reduce much of the feeling of living in a rectangular metal box. The walls will be made of birch plywood, while the floors will be covered by marine-grade plywood flooring. The apartment complex will be the first luxury multi-family home in the United States made from shipping containers.
The large common space for this concept would be located on the west side of the building as opposed to the center.
Work has already begun, and the architects are confident the whole building will be finished by the end of August.
Located near both a future commuter rail line and shopping center, the new development strives to have  sustainable written all over it.

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