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Cong ty nay dung l?i l? me tin d? doan “tu?ng s? d? ban v?t phong thu? nhung khi nh?n du?c ti?n da khong g?i v?t ph?m cho ngu?i mua.
Ong Ph?m Vu H?ng, Ch? t?ch UBND t?nh Kien Giang v?a ky Cong van yeu c?u cac co quan ch?c nang va cac d?a phuong tuyen truy?n cho nhan dan bi?t, c?nh giac khi tham gia giao d?ch t?i h?p thu s? 0268 c?a Cong ty TNHH Home Shopping.
Cong ty nay do ba Nguy?n Th? Hi?n lam Giam d?c, d?a ch? t?i t?ng 7, toa nha Prine, s? 107-109-111 du?ng Nguy?n Dinh Chi?u, qu?n 3, TP HCM; dang ky m? h?p thu s? 0268 t?i buu di?n trung tam Sai Gon d? nh?n ti?n c?a cac n?n nhan.
V? th? do?n, cong ty nay dung l?i l? me tin d? doan “tu?ng s?”, v? ra vi?n c?nh cu?c s?ng h?nh phuc, giau sang d? ban v?t phong thu?, thong qua phuong ti?n thong tin d?i chung va ngu?i tham gia co co h?i nh?n du?c 1 t? d?ng.

Tren d?a ban t?nh Kien Giang, theo ghi nh?n qua du?ng buu di?n, da co 111 ngu?i dan giao d?ch v?i cong ty TNHH Home Shopping. B?ng l?ch cong tac KT: H1200xW2200mm co m?t ? ph?n l?n cac cong ty giup doanh nghi?p len l?ch ho?t d?ng, b?ng co kh? nang hut nam cham nh? m?t b?ng du?c lam b?ng thep c?a Han Qu?c. Locust bean gum (LBG, con du?c g?i la carob gum, carob bean gum, carobin, E410) la m?t tac nhan lam d?c, ch?t ?n d?nh nhu tuong va m?t ch?t gel du?c s? d?ng trong cong ngh? th?c ph?m.
No bao g?m ch? y?u la cao   phan t? polysaccharides hydrocolloidal, g?m galactose va mannose, du?c k?t h?p thong qua cac m?i lien k?t glycosidic, du?c mo t? v? m?t hoa h?c nhu galactomannan.

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