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Originally built to strict shipping standards, to stand up to the rigors of sea travel, these giant, extremely strong, watertight containers are theft-proof and virtually impregnable. The attached picture is only a representation of the type of used container we sell but may not be the exact model. Star Structures purchases best quality used conex shipping containers for sale, lease or rent. These water tight, rodent proof conex containers make outstanding grain and feed storage facilities.
Star Structures can build Utility Sheds, Lofted Barns, Playhouses, Chicken Coops, Camping Sheds, Hunting Blinds, Garden Sheds and much much more. If you chosoe a location for your new shed that represents a delivery issue due to fencing or landscaping - we can BUILD ON-SITE! Ideal for long or short term storage, these units can be locked up and stacked on top of each other.
These cheap storage containers are suitable for people who need addition storage for their home contents, or businesses needing a secure onsite storage area. We have conex for sale in a range of colors, and we can deliver your 20’ shipping container directly to your site – America wide. If you would like a quote on any of our products then simply fill in the below instant quote form to receive our current price guide.

LATEST NEWSPort Containers have just expanded it's rental fleet and have containers available for rent across the country. For more information, see our Container Rentals page and submit an online quote to see our prices.
Supply and installation of prefabricated, or Conex, buildings are one important part of our Construction Services.
This particular unit is a wind and watertight 20' used shipping container and it is perfect for secure on site storage. These excellent features make these containers perfect for safe and secure on-site storage, overland transportation or to be customized into any number of practical uses. Winning buyer's container will come from our current inventory of available containers and colors may vary.
Locking mechanisms are intact, so you can put up to four locks on a conex to ensure maximum security when storing high dollar tools and equipment. These containers are available in both new and used condition to suit most budgets – please refer to our container grades for more information (click here). For additional piece of mind, we can install a security lock box to protect your pad lock from being tampered with. Once ordered, we will arrange an appropriate time for delivery and ask you a few questions regarding site access.

The low entry step makes a conex very easy to load and unload a€“ even with a hand truck or dolly. Standard shipping containers are mainly used for general storage of non-perishable items such as furniture, clothes, office equipment, machinery and personal effects. Our standard containers are made from marine-grade corten steel and feature double container doors that open to a large 270 degrees, timber flooring and have multiple internal container lashings to secure your load if used to transport goods.
If your site is confined we do have a few transport options that can make delivery easier when unloading. These containers have a reinforced steel frame that is continuously welded to conform to government and shipping standards.
We can deliver your container to you via flat bed if you have the ability to unload it at your location, or by tilt-bed if you would prefer us to unload it.
Due to seasonal demands and our stringent quality requirements, conex shipping containers are sometimes backordered.

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