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Lynda Heavrin is the manager of landscape and horticulture at the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation in Fort Wayne.
Although I am discussing containers and not large floral displays, the design principals of function, proportion, form, style, color and texture, are just as important. Planting a container seems simple—find a nice-looking pot, put some plants in it and voila, you have a beautiful container. Often the limiting factor for the health of the plants in a container is the soil—there is actually very little of it and as the plants grow, there is less and less. Left: The large container in this photo illustrates a principal of floral design where the material used should be at least one-third the height of the container. The decorative lettuce in these containers will be short-lived through the heat of summer but worth the effort.
The area you want to accent will determine the size, quantity and decoration of the containers. I could include a long list of plants I have observed used successfully in containers but I do not want any plant list to be limiting.
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of State-by-State Gardening, its parent company or affiliates.
If you don't have a vegetable garden you can still have tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, kale, lettuce or a mixture of flowers and edibles in a container. Our designers will also be happy to give you suggestions for planting container gardens yourself.
If you've got a full to partial sun location you might want to try a succulent garden this year. You can put them in areas where it is difficult to plant a flower bed, you can make a bold statement with only one container or you can place several as accents throughout your landscape. I love to spend my vacation days traveling to gardens learning about new plants, seeing new designs and finding creative ways to use plants.

But to be successful a beautiful container is a healthy container and success begins with good soil. There are some nutrients in soil, and usually some with the plants you’ve purchased, but those nutrients are soon used up. Containers do not have to be expensive or excessively decorative, but they must be clean and in good shape. I do not know the size of this lettuce when it was first planted but no one wants to wait all summer for containers to look finished. If you are placing a container in a large space you may use one large container or several smaller containers of varying sizes. Will you be looking at the container from a distance or walking up to it every time you enter your home? Container plantings must be fertilized and the type of fertilizer you use is less important than just remembering to use it.
They can be any shape or size and made of many possible materials but the material affects the care needed.
If it is from a distance you will want to use bold, bright colors with less variation in texture which will stand out in the distance. My favorite soil for containers is a mix of one-half of any inexpensive topsoil and one-half of a peat-based mix.
A slow-release fertilizer added to the potting mix at the time of planting is the easiest method. Clay allows the passage of air to the root zone and will dry out the soil sooner than glazed, plastic or fiberglass pots.
Containers can be expensive and purchasing a smaller one seems practical and cost-effective. We are not medical professionals and cannot recommend the ingestion or topical application of any herbal remedy, poultice, tea, etc.

In the late summer they are covered with masses of tiny, star-like pinkish rose flowers that bloom in 3 to 6 inch flattened heads atop the grayish green rounded succulent leaves. The one-third rule also applies to white in a floral display where white should be only one-third of the total color used. You can bring in your own containers or select one of our pots, planters, hanging baskets or window boxes. When planting container gardens for fruits, flowers or vegetables the pots should be fairly large so that the plants have room for their roots and so they won't dry out too quickly in our dry Boulder climate. The brand of water-soluble fertilizer is less important than remembering to feed every two weeks. Make sure you place these tomato containers in a well traveled area where you can always just walk by and pick a quick snack. The brick is a perfect backdrop for a grouping of multiple-sized clay pots planted in a monochromatic scheme. Dense clusters of sedum 'Blue Spruce' with it's silvery blue foliage or sedum 'Tricolor' with each leaf edged in pink and white give added color and texture. Basil and tomatoes go together in the kitchen in a multitude of recipes and they're companion plants growing happily together in pots or the garden. Dragon's Blood with deep purpe leaves and pink to purplish blooms will gracefully trail over the edges. Add some echeverias in the middle of the basket, and a few trailing ones like sedum morganianum or donkey's tail cascading over the sides.
All of these French Gardens make wonderful presents and we can deliver them anywhere in Boulder.

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