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Efficiently and safely store sweaters, sweatshirts, crafts, and more with the Large Sweater Clear Plastic Box. Stacking design allows you to maximize the utility of vertical storage space in closets, cabinets, garages, attics, and more. Also great for organizing dry goods in a pantry, arts and crafts supplies in a workspace, or toys and games in a playroom. An overwhleming number of alpha, phrase and image sticker sheets got you wondering how you’ll keep track of them all and find what you need, when you need it?
We’re sharing a collection of storage options that I recently spotted at Target and there’s a style and look for everyone!
And, I made sure to include the price labels so you can see how much each option will cost. No worries, these types of containers are available at other retailers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online.
These stacking units are not only a perfect shape and size for sticker sheets like Thickers, they’re sturdy and attractive. These are super affordable and their clear nature would make finding exactly what you’re looking for quick and easy. They’re also very lightweight and could easily be hauled off to a crop of other crafting getaway and placed on your work area, keeping your sticker sheets or other supplies right at hand. The only downside to these is that they angle in at the bottom, meaning only more narrow sticker sheets will fit in them. This unit is super sturdy and has wonderful adjustable dividers inside (see the image below). And, like a previous option (shared above) these could be painted or dyed to match your craft space decor or theme. Since my craft room is filled with black furnishings, with splashes of other colors (and soon some of my Disney memorabilia!), this was one of my favorite options. I like the fabric liners and could use these not just for sticker sheets, but for embossing folders, stamp sets, large dies and small paper pads.

Create a few cute tags and tie them on to the handles and you’ll never have a hard time finding your favorite crafting supplies. The handles on these would make it easy to retrieve them from high shelves or cubbies, and the look is casual, yet polished.
OK, this solution is a bit unlike the others in that it comes with a lid and is a bit wider than the others, but it would also work for storing stickers. And if you have shorter sheets (or sheets you’ve cut down after using some of the stickers), you could store these with the lids in place and stack them, meaning more efficient use of space.
OK, this is a very simple (more utilitarian) bin style, but it does have a nice spot for labeling on the front (great for those who easily forget what’s inside storage containers).
And, it’s an ideal size and shape for sticker sheets, like the Thickers alphabet stickers from companies like American Crafts. Yes, many of the other options above have these same features, but the fact that these are clear means you can see, at a glance, exactly what’s inside, without having to pull them out or remove a lid.
Oh, I’d love to have a Target down under in Sunny SA but I use wooden crates recycled from wine packaging. Looking forCraft Supplies, Paper Planners, Pens & Markers, Washi Tape& Fun Dollar Spot Goodies?Target's Got It All! WANTED!PROFESSIONAL CONTRIBUTORSInterested in sharingYOUR organizingknowledge & experience? Add simple organization to your kitchen countertop or pantry shelf with this Plastic Storage Bin with Lid. Printing & Packaging specialist, Personalized customer service and Good competitive pricing. This functional 4 drawer tower unit provides a practical storage solution thats ideal for keeping your home tidy and clutter free. All sizes and measurements are approximates only, but we do try to make sure that they are as accurate as possible. This plastic storage container features transparent walls which allow you to easily identify the contents of this storage box and also features a snap-on lid which securely hold stored items safely in the box.

Because of the size of this item, the shipping cost for each set is the same as ordering the individual item.
This stacking storage bin is the perfect way to store k-cups, sweetener packets, sewing supplies, and other small, easy-to-lose accessories. In a high gloss finish, with crystal clear drawers this medium tower will add a smart and stylish finish to any room within your home.
This home storage container also features a stackable design which enables the vertical storage space in a storage closet, garage, or utility room to be fully utilized. The top lid slides forward so you can refill the storage bin, and the clear flap provides everyday access to contents. With durable, soft gliding drawer this unit is perfect for storing CD's, DVD's and other small items.
They hold everything from dies, stencils, airbrush machine and accessories, coloring mediums, embossing folders, stamps and lots of other things. With durable plastic construction in a clear and grey color, this pantry bin blends seamlessly into any pantry or kitchen decor. Completely modular (drawers from any of the similar storage systems can be added on, swapped out and rearranged). I also love the holes that they have on the sides – makes carrying them around easier. I love that they are see through and you can mix and match sizes so that you can fill an entire shelf without wasting any space.

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