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Jacopa designs, manufactures and installs clarifier Copa® tank scraper bridges, which are suitable for all types of circular settlement tanks (clarifiers) with diameters from 5m up to 45m in 1m increments. Jacopa can also carry out complete refurbishment of any type of existing scraper bridge. The structures are designed to withstand all of the loads and stresses placed upon the bridges, and are manufactured to the highest of engineering standards.
ENVIROPRO hosts the widest array of supplier details on the market, supported by case studies, articles and learning materials to help you identify the best solution for your project.
All superstructures and underwater assemblies are protected to customer specification.Bridges are manufactured in steel, which can be finished to customers specification, or aluminium. Searching with ENVIROPRO will help you reach a faster, better quality of decision about who and what to work with.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. You will only ever be charged one delivery charge per order.Delivery Timescale Items are usually despatched for delivery within 48 hours. Stock levels are constantly changing so please call Sales to check stock availibility on 01628 760 440.
Larger bridges require a lattice or girder structure to provide the required strength without excessive weight. Returns Policy You may return your order within 7 working days from the day following delivery, subject to certain conditions and returns proceduresIf returning a product you will need a returns number, this will allow our warehouse department to expect your returned product and know who it has come from. Designs include rotary half bridges, standard half bridges, twin- and triple arm rotary machines, and hydraulic lift scrapers.

Scraper blades are designed in a helical curve formation to maximise efficiency and sludge removal.All rotating bridges can be fitted with channel cleaning systems, such as rotary brushes, pressure washers, chains and fixed brushes.
Scum removal systems are also available.The end carriage unit incorporates a small electric motor and gearbox.

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