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Analytics, and online application forms which collects in formation and data identifiable to you as an individual. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. In these difficult times it might seem that getting finance for almost anything is going to be hard, not least a shipping container.
But like most other durables, containers are an asset - and therefore can be financed just like most other assets. As ever it's key to shop around and to go to specialists - and turn to the internet to find the best deal! Quite simply like this: you chose your container types be it one or a hundred makes no difference the rate is the same.
In the event of default all containers will be repossessed and all costs and recovery charged against the renter. This two level shipping container home is certainly minimalistic in its approach, with the building composed of two containers perpendicular to each other.
Apparently the “The pink-dotted facade illustrates the wide range of possibilities for tailor-made exteriors, the choice of which is as simple as deciding about which mobile phone cover to put on”.
Developed with the ConHouse system, (think Ikea with shipping containers) future home owners should be able to choose a number of modular designs from a catalogue and get them delivered for DIY install.

People who take out loans for houses made from shipping containers like this can easily pay off their debts in a couple of  years whilst having a roof over their heads. The interior of houses made from shipping containers can be as lavishly or sparsely furnished as you want, there’s really no limit to how much you want to furnish it. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. New York City is probably the last place anyone would expect to find a one-story, prefabricated, shipping container home, but lo-and-behold one of these little gems currently sits at the corner of Charles and Washington Street in the West Village.
Founder, Michael de Jong came up the idea for the MEKA after years of building luxury homes in Belize, hiring Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous for the design.
Eco-friendly and extremely flexible, each shipping container is paneled in cedar wood over a steel frame shipping container, with doubled glazed argon-filled windows, a bamboo interior, slate bathroom, and 100% cedar cladding. Arriving 95% built (quite amazingly), the home can be setup with all the appropriate installations in less than two weeks, pending the foundation. Selling at only $100 per sq foot, the MEKA aptly responds to the issue of cost versus pricing in the discussion of prefabricated home production.
The West Village prefab was set up less than a week ago, where the architects and MEKA’s founder sought to test out the construction and see how the public would respond, and not surprisingly, the trio have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. The upper container provides a projecting roof above the entrance as well as serves to shelter the back terrace.

Because it is self sustaining, owning one helps reduce the steadily increasing amount of carbon footprint. Designed by architects Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous, the 320 square foot MEKA Home (pronounced 'make-ah') is an incredible architectural gesture able to capture luxurious, modern living within an undemanding and unexpected construction.
Michael states, “Many prospective homeowners want to avoid the hassle, wait time and hidden costs of traditional construction. However, with the case at hand, the prefab was setup on-site in less than two days (without installations or foundation). During our own visit we eavesdropped on a few conversations where visitors were already dreaming up alternative uses – NYC rooftop playhouse or pop-up party spot, anyone? Certainly attractive, durable and sustainably built - with more than 70% of its materials recycled - one of the most outstanding features is that one of these modules runs at just a mere $100 per square foot!
No one wants to wait a year and then find out the price of materials and laborers have increased by a third or more.
While this particular prefab has already been sold, it will remain at the Charles and Washington site for the next two weeks.

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