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Old shipping containers lend themselves to being recycled and incorporated into new houses - they are numerous, relatively cheap and very durable. The house pictured above right is the worldFLEXhome, designed by Danish architectural firm Arcgency, and constructed to Active House standards, using old shipping containers.
During the construction process, prefabricated floor and ceiling panels are shipped to the site inside the containers while the outside of the building is clad in a framework to hold insulation. In this case, this beach house wasn’t built with the usual materials but with something out of the ordinary.

The house was made out of recycled shipping containers.View in galleryThe house is located in the Hamptons, New York, an unusual place for a structure built from re-purposed containers. But not only that this house is the first one of its kind in that region but it’s also a sustainable structure. They were repurposed and used to create a 2,000 square foot house with a 1,300 square foot deck.
Moreover, the house features some of the highest-performing appliances available and uses an energy-saving water heater and polyurethane foam insulation.

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