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I find glassware and its discussion to be a rather amusing and continually ongoing side note to whiskey drinking.
Of course if you roll like Tommy Gavin out of Rescue Me then you might drink your 8 fingers of Midleton’s Very Rare out of a Collins or highball glass but we’ll assume you have a little more restraint than that. Anyone’s who ever imbibed in spirits of any kind could probably draw a picture of a shot glass.

So with all these different variations available where does that leave us in figuring what we should use?
At a recent meeting of the Georgia Bourbon Society I was discussing glass merits with a couple of the society founders. This items Cyan Blue grid Glass Drinking Mason Jar Hole Lids are Brand New, and be reusable.perfect accompaniment to a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, backyard BBQ, rustic wedding, and more!

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