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Dry cargo ships are used to carry solid dry goods that have a higher tolerance to heat and cold, such as metal ores, coal, steel products, forest products, and grains. As the name suggests, a bulk carrier is primarily used in carrying unpackaged bulk cargo items such as metal ores, coal, cement, grains and other similar cargo.  Today, bulk carriers constitute of 40% of the merchant fleets in the world.
The size of a bulk carrier can range from a small mini-bulker with a capacity of under 10,000 dwt to the giant capesize vessels with a capacity of up to 400,000 dead weight tonnage (DWT) or even more. Handysize and Handymax (including the latest Supramax) bulkers represent the majority of bulk carriers over 10,000 DWT.
Panamax and New Panamax are medium-sized vessels with a cargo capacity ranging between 5,000 TEU to 13,000 TEU. Container ships are ocean vessels that carry goods in large containers, a technique called containerisation. The modern container ships (such as Maersk E Class) have been designed to have a cargo capacity of up to 15,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). Delivery to your door, loading while driver waits, 2 hours free driver waiting time; however, there’s an hourly charge thereafter. Delivery to your door, the container is parked and left for 24 or 48 hours and we will come pick up the container. We receive your goods at our warehouse (delivery to us by you or by movers), we load the container at our facility. If you do not have access to a dock or warehouse please note the container sits on a chassis 4ft high off the ground. When loading a container on a public road please check with local Police and your City if a permit is required. Also check for accessibility, the truck is 14ft high and the container is about 40-50ft container but could be a little more.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY Head quartered in Los Angeles we are an independent privately owned Freight Forwarding Company and a registered US California Corporation.
Cargo ShipsThe principal function of a cargo ship is to provide secure and efficient transport. Cargo Ships Cargo ships pay for themselves through their cargo and the efficient transportation of goods to a set schedule. These vessels are equipped with on-deck cranes and other mechanism for loading and unloading of goods. Bulk carriers are used for transportation of unpackaged bulk cargo, such as metal ores, coal, cement, tin, steel, and grains in its cargo holds. They can be categorised in six major categories according to their deadweight tonnage capacity.
These ships have been designed strictly in accordance with the dimensions of new locks at the Panama Canal. Container ships are primarily used for the transportation of non-bulk cargo, generally manufactured goods, in truck-size intermodal containers. Main categories of container ships include Feeder, Feedermax, Panamax, New Panamax, and Ultra Large. Therefore, you must not have narrow roads, low trees, and having adequate turning space for the driver is required. With over 35 years of shipping experience we offer a complete ocean and air transportation service.
Pressure on emissions and rising fuel costs are driving operators to find more efficient means of transporting the cargo. Depending on the type of cargo and application, they place very heavy demands on all shipboard systems as well as on the control of onboard processes.

As dry cargo shipment doesn’t require special types of precautions (as required for carrying liquid and gases), bulk carriers and container ships don’t have onboard temperature control equipment. At present, approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo around the world is transported by container ships. Our most up-to-date, upgradable technology and custom-made system solutions are the key to our success in ensuring maximum efficiency for your ship, helping you to work competitively in the long term.Integrated solutions from one sourceFor more than 125 years Siemens Marine Solutions has been offering outstanding solutions for all classes of ships specialising in cargo and transportation.
Today, bulk of international trade is carried out by thousands of dry cargo carriers transporting goods to ports across the world.
Very large bulk carriers are normally counted into Capesize category, but sometimes they are considered as a separate category.
With an extensive network of freight stations world wide Able Cargo has the ability to assist you on your international container shipping needs, and provide you with a safe and pleasant experience.
Our complete and integrated solutions encompass automation, power supply and drive technology for the entire life cycle of your ship – from complete turnkey projects to targeted upgrades.
Some regional categories such as Seawaymax, Kamsarmax, Setouchmax, Dunkirkmax, and Newcastlemax can also be included in the category of bulk carriers. If you are in a need of a special request please contact one of our agents for more information. Our systems have a modular design and are based on standardised, reliable components which are available world-wide. Our performance commitment is to provide the highest standards of operating efficiency, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness for your ship (e.g.

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