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Paul Stankey (and family) not only bought his structural materials on the cheap, but also used simple do-it-yourself processes to construct his cargo container house step by simple step – starting with pipes to leverage the containers off of the trailer attached to his truck.
After pouring simple concrete foundations, he and his partners used railroad ties, vehicular force and rounded pipes to roll the containers up and into place before welding them to the piers below.On top of the metal shipping boxes, a wood-framed wall-and-roof system was constructed to extend the height and provide sloped rainwater drainage (leading to an on-site gray-water system). Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! HybridSeattle is a West Coast architectural firm that has created a number of real-life shipping container buildings and has also envisioned a number of other fixed and mobile architectural designs based on cargo container modules.
Three and one half cargo containers that entered the world intended for international shipping have been given a new lease on life as a mountain retreat in the hills near Santa Cruise, California. The high cube cargo containers, cut into sections to make them easier to navigate through the mountain roads, have been assembled to form a beautiful 1,200 square foot, two story house. The containers were cut into size in Oakland, at the same time the windows and doors were installed. In all, very few trees were displaced during the construction, and two fortunate trees were recycled and used in other parts of the house. In terms of costs, the cargo containers were purchased for around $15,000 at the port of Oakland.

Steel shipping containers are the temporary homes of countless consumer items being transported all around the world. Shipping container architecture is one of the biggest (relatively) new things in building these days.
Recycled shipping containers are known to building designers and architects for their low cost and ease of use. What’s involved in buying, designing and building cargo container homes that are more than just art projects?
A local train yard and a few hundred dollars can buy you a few five-thousand-pound insulated metal boxes.
With the ever growing population of disused and deserted shipping containers around the world more and more designers are finding creative ways to adaptively reuse containers to create houses and multi-family homes and more.
Items are packed into the cargo containers in their country of origin, then shipped to wherever they’re destined to be sold. Most people who have built this type of home say that they’re sturdy and modern, and when several containers are connected the building can be just about any size, from a single-container loft to a multi-container family home. And at that price, who would not be tempted to plan their new home around shipping container-sized units?

Once they’re emptied at the appropriate port, many of these cargo containers simply sit around empty or get melted down for re-use. Some residents of shipping container homes and offices choose to display the origins of their buildings by leaving the facades alone. Others disguise the shipping containers by applying exteriors that make the recycled buildings look just like any other.
Perhaps the two most appealing aspects of building with shipping containers are the affordability and the green construction factor: shipping container homes are far less expensive than new-material traditional homes, and reusing them rather than melting them down significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the steel containers. Whether they’re rough around the edges or covered in cutting-edge design, shipping container homes are definitely going places.

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