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New York - Long Island - Chicago - California - Long Beach - Oakland - Detroit - New Jersey - Maryland - Baltimore - Connecticut - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - Indiana- Massachusetts - Florida - Miami - Jacksonville - Oklahoma - Tulsa - Oklahoma City - Georgia - Atlanta - Savannah - Ohio - Cleveland - Columbus - Cincinnati - Salt Lake city - Denver - Seattle - Texas - Dallas - Houston - North Carolina - South Carolina - Virginia - Norfolk - New Orleans - Memphis - Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver. Most of the time, transactions outside of your local area involving money orders, cashier checks, wire transfers or shipping (especially overseas shipping) are scams or frauds. Joseph John Szczesny (1920-1997) was a longshoreman, a veteran of World War II, and the father of three daughters. Joseph's father Felix died in 1926, when Joseph was about 6 years old, after which he was raised by his mother, who subsequently married Anthony Szejnrok (?-?) in 1927 or 1928. Throughout his youth, Joseph wanted to be a pilot, and in his early adulthood, he signed up for pilot training.
The following is an essay Joseph wrote in 1994 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day. The word went out to go, and so we sailed out that night across the English channel towards Normandy.
Just a few miles from the French shore, I couldn't get over how tranquil everything seemed to look.
Everything seemed to be working like clock work until I began to feel a sinking sensation when the heavy laden vehicle slowly started to wallow in those rounded pebbles as if in quicksand.
Those faint puffs of grey I observed from a distance suddenly became ear splitting bursts, and that tranquil scene I observed earlier, instanty vanished. H-hour seemed but a moment ago, but strangely, the fire fights had subsided and the darkness of the impending night was slowly hiding the bodies of soldiers strewn along the sand.
After reading an article in our New Jersey newspaper about the execution, 50 years ago, of Eddie Slovik, the only American soldier to be executed since the Civil War, it suddenly propelled me back in time to 1944, to an incident in World War II, and how it touched some of us then. I served in the 29th Infantry Division and after hitting Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, on D-day, June 6th, we took St. I had made expert with my rifle way back in Camp Lee, Virginia, when they had the Springfield O.B. At any rate, our commanding officer, Danny Nate, following this directive, asked for volunteers, and knowing that I had made expert, he took it for granted that I would volunteer.
Sometime in 1946, Joseph Szczesny met a young Lithuanian woman by the name of Margaret Rice.
As Joseph continued to work and save money, he eventually had a more comfortable standard of living by the 1960s.
At some point, around the year 1960, Joseph purchased land in Perineville, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Around the year 1980, Joseph purchased a retirement home at 560 Susan Drive, in Brick Township, Ocean County, New Jersey. Joseph's daughters chipped in to purchase Joseph and Margaret a trip to Hawaii for one of their wedding anniversaries.
On January 24, 1990, Joseph's mother Clara Szejnrok died in Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey, at age 98. I am a seventy six year old world war two veteran, who served with the 29th infantry division and landed on Omaha beach in Normandy France that D day on June 6th 1944 and continued until meeting with the Russians on the Elbe river near Hamburg Germany. Joseph's application was accepted, and the receipt of his D-Day medal in June of 1997 was one of the proudest moments of his life, as he obtained formal recognition for his service to the United States and to the people of France.
Joseph wanted to return to visit France some day, after the war, to see first-hand the French people who he helped to liberate from Nazi Germany. Having grown up in poverty during the Great Depression, Joseph had little trust in banking institutions.
Joseph was very careful in his spending practices, and lived simply without many luxury items.
Joseph died August 21, 1997 from a massive heart attack while mowing his lawn in Brick Township. Of his daughters Kathy, Barbara and Deborah, Kathy had two sons, Kevin Borland and Steven Thomas Borland II, Barbara had a daughter Jill Czorniewy, and Deborah had a son Adam Carl Rice.
Kathleen Borland recalls that Joseph would take her for nightly walks in Jersey City to get the newspaper, and he would buy Kathleen an ice cream. Kevin Borland recalls that Joseph drove a Plymouth Valiant for most of the 1980s, and then a Dodge Aries K-Car for most of the 1990s.
Kathleen Borland recalls that Joseph's first car was a green Pontiac, which had a Chief Pontiac hood ornament. Youngstown City Schools Governance ChurnsYoungstown City Schools will soon see new governance with a new CEO and a new commissioner. One tank ripped away from its lashings, close to me and slid off the deck into the channel during the night. The bombers overheated, were making their bombing sorties, wave after wave from England, all night long. Dawn was breaking over the cliffs ahead at Pointe du Huc, where the rangers were to scale them. In the meantime, the battle ship Texas was firing broadsides with its heavy guns every twenty minutes over our heads.

It left me wondering, that perhaps, they were only sleeping?, but in the next light of morning, I knew they were all dead.
Lo, then swung to Brest, then barreled up through France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, and finally to Aachen in Germany.
In lieu of a rent raise,Joseph chose to move to Ninth Street, because his sister Anna (Szczesny) Gallas lived upstairs. It's a process that could take days or weeks to complete.The impact on the country's most densely populated metropolitan area has been extensive. We were issued gas masks and chemically impregnated clothing, in case of a mustard gas attack. The two drafts, written in 1994, were combined and edited by Joseph's grandson Kevin Borland when they were discovered in 2007. It was then, after the last Germans pushed toward Antwerp (battle of the bulge), that a directive came from division headquarters, looking for a soldier who scored high on the firing range. After months of training and briefing, the 29th infantry division (the blue and the grey) in which I served was ready to go.
Spark plugs were covered with a waterproofing compound and exhaust pipe was bent and extended upward above the cabs so that the water would not stall the motor when in low range and in low gear, we drove off the landing craft onto the beach.
Then a naval boat shoved our Rhino barge into the beach head where I came down into the pebbled beach of Omaha.
Finally, stationed in Falmouth, England, where we scrutinized every large scale aerial map taken of Normandy, every building, crossroad, church, even the bushes and hedgerows were memorized. A buddy of mine called Sampson who came from Alabama remarked that he never knew that a yankee could shoot so good. I decided right then that if they wanted someone to execute a soldier (especially one of our own), it wasn’t going to be me, and so I deliberately foulded up with the target shooting. Officials will assess 7,000 miles of track for storm damage, including flooding, downed trees and power lines on the track.

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