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New One Trip Cargo Containers now available in our Tacoma, Seattle, Chehalis and Portland locations for Delivery to all parts of Washington Oregon , Idaho and Montana.
Available for Washington and Oregon Delivery including the following cities Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Bend, Medford and Spokane. Available for Washington and Oregon Delivery including the following cities Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Portland, Salem, Yakima, Shelton, Pasco, longview and Castlerock. Now available for Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Kenia and other Alaska cities via Barge service from Seattle. Available for Washington and Oregon Delivery including the following cities Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Portland, Salem, Yakima, Shelton, Pasco, Longview, Spokane and Castlerock. Now available for Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Kenia and other Alaska cities via Barge. Used 45ft Shipping containers available in wind an water tight condition with a 1 year no leak warranty starting at $2950. 24ft Shipping Container, Our most popular Size, 20ft building material fits easily inside, All modified containers are guaranteed wind and water tight.
We also provide professional ground level delivery service and container relocation service of 48ft and 53ft rail containers to the entire PNW. Delivery available to anywhere in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and to any Alaska barge line.
Flatracks are available in 20ft, 24ft and 40ft lengths, and have either fixed-ends or collapsible ends.
Due to their heavy I-beam construction Flat racks are also used as bridges and temporary bridges and have load ratings as high as 80,000ibs.
20’ Open Side One Trip Containers are a very unique unit in the sense that the entire side of the container opens with two sets of locking cargo doors. Open Top Containers are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths, and are often times equipped with removable tarps that cover the opening at the top. Solid, resilient shipping container house plans are really taking off as recycled small and tiny houses.We've all seen them around - sometimes those lumbering 20ft or 40ft giants sit for years and years at the premises of a business or on private property.

Container houses are one of many choices for living in small spaces.Yes, they're a bit unusual for a house however more and more people are catching on to the benefits and multi-faceted uses for shipping container housing.So, what makes a shipping container a great option for a dwelling? Cheap and available - 20ft and 40ft containers are found in every country and, compared to regular building materials, are inexpensive. Sturdy and long-lasting - Given that they voyage the seas on top of a ship in the open air for much of their lives and are always stored outside, containers are built for longevity. Green Roof - With the flat solid nature of a container home's roof and no possiblility of leakage into your living area, I've seen a lot of these container houses with a 'green' roof on top. If you have a container, you have a roof over your head - Need a place to stay and short on cash? DIY, small and inexpensive container homes are usually put together with a pre-purchased plan - DIY style. While exploring container houses further myself (these are one of my absolute favourites) I've sourced quite a few smaller, specialised companies who supply both Do-It-Yourself Plans as well as pre-built, delivered-to-site Container homes worldwide. Personally, I would only purchase a container house from a specialised supplier who has quite a bit of shipping container house building experience behind them.
Architecturally designed and pre-built container housing would suit a large portion of frugally-minded people.
Existing shipping container house plans are used to build your container home in the safety of the supplier's warehouse and, when it's finished, it's delivered all ready to go to your chosen house site.
Pre-built storage container houses are built inside a warehouse, safe from the elements, which gives you the advantage of a fairly solid idea of what day you'll be able to starting living in your new home.
Custom-made to your design shipping container homes often look nothing like the original product by the time they're complete and may be more expensive in the long run.
Delivery service available to anywhere in the PNW including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana as well as barge service to Alaska and Hawaii.
Our 15ft shipping containers are custom built and preferred over PODS or U-Haul pods for the following reasons; heavy 16g steel construction, Custom paint colors to match your home or out buildings, Optional high security doors, less than half the price and build to last much longer.
Flatracks are ideal for shipping or hauling oversized items such as vehicles or heavy machinery.

We have flatracks available for pick up in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Vancouver and offer delivery service to anywhere in the Western States including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. This unit also has the standard cargo doors on one end, which create a unit that almost completely opens for very creative and unique functionality.
These containers are designed to hold items that must be loaded by crane from the top or items that are too tall to fit in a standard container. These have just a little more pizazz than the latter as you'll have a company who do this for a living taking charge of all the details from plans to construction to delivery to site. 53ft shipping containers are high cube which makes them 1ft taller than standard shipping containers and are also 6 inches wider than standard shipping containers. Along with this many years of experience in container modifications, comes one very important result for you, the customer: quality.
The 20’ Open Side One Trip Container is a military favorite for their durable construction and flexible storage applications.
We provide used container chassis to Portland, Seattle and Tacoma Market as well as other parts or Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Unlike Standard ISO shipping containers the extra 6? width allows items that are 8ft wide to be stored inside the container, this also works great for storing cars and boats. We truly believe that our custom work is second to none in the industry, and get feedback from our clients on a daily basis that speaks to that testament. It's likely this rudimentary living might be only a short term solution but if you're dedicated to saving money, living frugally and improving your storage container housing for cash, you may just be on to some small, inexpensive living.

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